Is it time for Hillary to run again??



By now everyone should know that Kamala Harris has dropped out of the 2020 election. That makes 2 democrats who dropped out this week and it is only Tuesday. Could this be the time for for the “Queen of Politics” Hillary Clinton to step in and run for POTUS AGAIN?? Gosh, I sincerely hope so.

While some may call this bragging, and perhaps it is, I have accurately predicted the winner of every Presidential election since 1968. Even when I hoped I was wrong like with Nixon in ’68 and ’72 and Clinton in ’92 and ’96. I am proud to say that during those nearly 50 years I have twice hit the bulls eye predicting landslide wins. First in 1980 and 1984 with Ronald Reagan and again in 2016 with Donald Trump.


I also predicted way back in 2004 that Hillary would never win the POTUS. Why? She is unelectable, unqualified and unlikeable. And by the way, I also predicted that Kamala Harris would be among the first to drop out of the 2020 race. Why? Same reasons as Hillary.

I feel for the Hillary supporters. I have several friends and family members who voted for and liked Hillary. They are good people while Hillary is not. They are good people, just picked a terrible candidate. Now had Trump lost, I would have been very disheartened but even more so concerned about the future of our country when placed in the hands of someone with Hillary’s reputation for lies, crime, horrible foreign aid policies, Benghazzi, cheating in the 2016 election, and corruption. Not to mention being totally unqualified and incompetent.

To use a word that Hillary was throwing around 3 years ago, I find the Hillary supporters/NeverTrumpers attitude post election since 2016 “DEPLORABLE”

Crying, using play dough, going to support groups and clinics,  aromatherapy,  spitting on Trump supporters, vandalizing Trump supporters homes and cars,  taking MAGA hats off of kids and women and destroying them, rioting and screaming. This is INSANE!

I could almost understand some of this if she were a good woman and were a strong candidate, but she isn’t. This isn’t St./Mother Theresa, JFK, RFK folks. Hillary is the exact opposite. In fact, she doesn’t even have the skills of her husband, WHO I NEVER THOUGHT OF AS BEING A GREAT POTUS  and BOTH have horrible morals.

Trump is belligerent and a arrogant SOB at times. He also has a heart which he proved in the summer of 2015 when the people in Lousiana were in trouble. DJT not only paid over $100,000 for food and supplies out of his own pocket, he along with Mike Pence and Rev. Franklin Graham also hand delivered those items and offered support to the families there despite insects and health hazzards.

A month later he did it again for the good people of North Carolina. Meanwhile in both cases Obama was playing Golf while Hillary sat at home.

And there are the things Trump has done before he was even installed as POTUS like working on Thanksgiving, 2016 with Carrier and getting ahead start on assigning his cabinet. And then he started his Thank You Tour. What other President has even done that? Answer: NONE!!!!!

Over the last three years we have seen the Stock Market SOAR to records other POTUSs only dreamed of. Unemployment has hit a 51 year low. More people are active in the work force now more than ever. ISIS is 99% destroyed. Our military is stronger than ever. Stores are saying ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS” again instead of the Obama “Happy Holidays” Schools are now once again having children say The Pledge of Allegiance.

In the past, I along with others have stated that Trump may very well become another Reagan. I want to change that to I think that Trump will be even greater than Reagan. Republicans recently voted overwhelmingly saying that Trump is a better President than Lincoln. Now that is really saying something.

Better than Reagan? That is a tall order. Those of us who lived in the 1970s and 1980s know how Reagan saved us from the mistakes of “Mr. Peanut” Even democrats praised Reagan. While Lincoln freed the slaves and was a great POTUS.

Trump has been saving us from the mistakes of Barry O reversing bad policies from his predecessor.

While Obama said that “2% would be the new normal GDP” under Trump it went over 4% and stabilized at 3.4% annual.

While Obama said, “Those manufactoring jobs are never coming back again.” Under Trump, they have come back. Under Hillary, Obama would have been right. They never would have come back. Stock market would have tanked

Now Obama and 2020 POTUS candidate Joe Biden want to give Obama, the food stamp POTUS credit for these gains. Bullsh’t!!!! Biden says “Trump inherited a strong economy.” Bullsh’t. Trump inherited a lot of debt and the highest record of food stamp recipients in history.

63 Million people including MY WIFE and I voted for Trump in 2016. We picked the right man, for the right job at the right time. While democrats claim to be democratic, they in turn are trying to overturn a election where 63 million people voted and the winner won fair and square.

Meanwhile, his opponent who used every dirty trick in the book to try to win, cheated beyond what anyone had ever done before and still lost. And now she and her fan club are calling foul.

Get over it. She lost fair and square. She was unqualified and unlikeable. She lacked the two most important  qualities to become POTUS. Had she successfully stolen the 2016 election, she would have become the worst POTUS in US history.

Democrats had a bad candidate. Get over it. She had to cheat to beat Bernie Sanders for God’s sake. And Obama cleaned her clock in ’08

Trump haters, I have news for you. Trump is OUR POTUS for the next 5 1/2 years. You can whimper, whine and complain all you want. Won’t make a difference. Here is an idea, why not support POTUS Trump and together MAGA??? And if you think you have seen incredible progress in just 3 years, strap yourself in and get ready for the ride of your life. America is going to become greater than ever before with POTUS TRUMP leading the way..

Hillary has hinted that she may run again. A few weeks back, when Pres. Trump joked about Hillary  running again, Hillary shouted back “Don’t tempt me!” And “I beat him before.”

Obviously, anyone who is intelligent knows that Hillary didn’t beat Trump. And never    would. She couldn’t even get past one challenger Bernie Sanders without resorting to cheating. And she lost decisively to then newbe Barrock Obama in 2008.

While some people were delusional and thought that Hillary was a good candidate because of her “experience”, Obama blew that theory out the window back in 2008 by saying,

“Do not confuse longevity for experience. Yes, Hillary has been around a long time, BUT what are her accomplishments? I looked and I couldn’t find any.” – Barrock Obama, 2008

So Hillary, put your money where your mouth is. Do it Hillary. Run again. With so many democrats dropping out, the field is open for you. All Trump supporters would love to see you run again. Why? The entertainment would be fantastic and we can all watch you lose…..AGAIN.



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Best 15 Minute Bizz Opp Presentation Ever. Share with as many people as possible daily. Become the messenger, not the message. Let the TOOLS do the work for you 📷
“With CTFO you could not ask for anything better in a CBD/ Hemp Oil Opportunity. Free to join, Free Marketing websites, 60 Day Money Back, Third Party Lab Tested, Non-GMO, GMP Certified, Hemp is grown and processed in USA, 100% Organic, Exclusive and Patented 10X Pure Hemp Oil, Paid Weekly, Expanding World Wide, Free Training & Support and many more benefits. Contact me today to start your FREE CTFO CBD/HEMP OIL JOURNEY”.67665013_3092963234063539_8931657428613726208_n

CAUTION: Fad Diets Can Be Harmful To Your Health! By Tony DeFrancisc

69142910_10156139491252391_1353137800316190720_nWay back in November, 1978, in the wake of the Liquid Protein Fad diet, I wrote this article for our local newspaper, The Press-Enterprise in Berwick, Pa. This article evoked a tremendous response in our community and was picked up by other newspapers in our region and state. Many people thanked me publicly for saving them from the ravages of a disastorous scam called Liquid Protein.
Now, 40 + years later, the gimmicky, fad diets and products still abound. This is an edited version of that article I wrote so many years ago Read on. Comments welcome….
CAUTION: Fad Diets Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
By Tony C Tony DeFrancisco
Over 45 years ago, I began using the high protein/low carb protein shakes to make weight for powerlifting events. Previous attempts at losing weight were futile. I lost weight. But I also lost strength, energy and muscle.
With the protein shakes, I was able to lose 28 lbs in 2 weeks with no loss in strength, broke state and national records and was ranked 2nd in the world in my weight class – 165 lb division.
In 1976, I became a weight control consultant/wellness coach and began marketing a meal replacement program called Slender Now and Slender Now was the world’s first diet shake. The diet shake has become the most successful weight loss program of all time.
The original Slender Now program was a high protein/low carb diet shake. Fat literally melted off. In 1980, Herbalife came out with a virtually identical diet shake. Once again the results were off the charts. Today most diet shakes are higher in carbs. Sadly, this impedes fat loss.
Over the last 45 years, the two most successful weight loss programs have been Slender Now and the original Herbalife program from 1980 to 1985. Both were high protein/low carb programs.
Things have not changed a whole lot since 1976. There are still diet fads and gimmicks out there. And even with the the proliferation of diet shakes and other diet programs, today in 2019, there are more people overweight than ever before.
The liquid protein program was a dangerous fad diet program that recorded over 1,000 deaths. It was a extremely low 330 calorie program which included no real food. The protein was a low quality source (Collagen) which didn’t even provide adequate amounts of protein.
Over the weekend I was looking at products sold in stores. The Keto shakes. I was surprised to see that these low cost products are using Collagen protein. This is much like the liquid protein gimmick of the 1970s.
Unfortunately many people have fallen prey to huksters and promoters of gimmicky products and diet plans, some of which are very dangerous. In the 1970’s, we had the liquid protein fad which in turn caused over 1,000 reported deaths. In the 1990s we had the fat burner products using dangerous ingredients like Mau Huang and Ephedra which also resulted in approximately 1,000 deaths.
Today there are still companies that use collagen protein (the ingredient in the liquid protein programs) and stimulants similiar to what was in the Fat Burner products of the 1990s. Some of the OTC Keto programs use low quality protein sources such as collagen. Many use cheap ingredients. No wonder they are cheap. But are they safe? Hardly.
Many companies use stimulants to speed your metabolism. This is much like the dangerous fat burner products of the 1990s. These can be very dangerous.
Also, some are using herbal ingredients to cleanse your system. These are like super laxatives. Do they cleanse? Yes. But do you really need to cleanse everyday? Hardly. Do you take your car to have your oil changed everyday? No.
A potential problem with these herbal cleansing programs is that while they get rid of excess fecal matter, done to excess they can also get rid of essential nutrients and could leave you nutritionally depleted.
With the high protein programs like the new Extreme Shake, fat burning (Thermogenisis) is enhanced naturally without the use of dangerous stimulants. And you also get rid of excess fluids. High protein diets are like natural diuretics.
Moreoever, high protein programs helps you to retain lean tissue. Women have better figures. Men look more athletic. There is a big improvement in the condition of the hair, nails and skin. People look healthier because they are. This never happens with typical diet programs.
Over the years, I worked in hospitals both in PA and here in FL and saw people doing all kinds of dangerous things to lose weight. From thyroid and other shots to diet pills and starvation diets.
Today we still have dangerous diets that purport to stall the hunger so you lose weight. Does it work? Yes. Is it safe? Hardly.


The ideal diet program is one that provides the macro nutrients, protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids plus fiber and the micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Should be at least 1,000 calories and Include real food. Also the program that creates weight loss should be very similar to what you use to maintain your weight otherwise you will merely regain the weight you lost.
PLEASE NOTE: Time has proven that the best results for fat loss come with a Low Carb/High Protein program. Not zero carbs.
And real foods lets you enjoy life while you are dieting. How many times have you been on a diet and lamented, “I can’t wait until I take this weight off so I can go back to eating some foods I love.”
I have lost over 105 lbs using a 50-30-20 program after failing miserably for years and I get to eat the foods I love. I lost weight. BUT…I also lost muscle and had flab hanging around.
I have also noticed that proponents of the 50-30-20 program also had flab hanging especially in certain areas. Why do you think they always wear long sleeves and are fully dressed in their pictures? To cover up the flab.
In recent years, the Keto programs have become very successful, not just for weight loss but more importantly, for fat loss.
When you increase your protein intake and restrict carbs, your body goes to it’s fat stores for energy. This results in rapid fat loss and the transformation is nothing short of sensational.
High protein programs also improve satiety and fat burning capacity (Thermogenisis) as compared to conventional dieting. Moreover, those on high protein programs tend to lose more actual fat while maintaining lean tissue. People tone up while they slim down.
This is why I am so excited about the new EXTREME SHAKE by CTFO. It is a high protein/low carb Keto friendly shake. I just got mine and lost 5 lbs in one day. Others are reporting 5-10 lb losses with rapid inch loss around fat accumulation areas in days!!!!
This product also tastes delicious. It cost only $35 for 15 meals.
Slender Now and Herbalife created weight and inch losses that heretofore were impossible.
In 1985, Herbalife switched to a modified higher carb program which is now the 50-30-20.program. Herbalife owns market share in the diet shake industry. Consequently, other marketers of diet shakes also promoted the higher carb, 50-30-20 system. It was a case of new companies being just ME TOO companies.
Interesting that as soon as higher carbs were introduced, fat loss slowed. Now with the Extreme Shake rapid fat loss will be possible again.
Always have at least one meal a day eating fish or meat, veggies and a salad. Also include grains daily with my daily serving of oatmeal.
Here are some other tips:
For quick and safe weight loss, replace two meals a day with a low calorie healthy meal replacement. Be sure that the meal replacement you use is high protein quality protein and not a high carbohydrate drink. It should include protein, low carbs and essential fats. Many of the popular shakes may contain one of the macro nutrients, but not all and are usually low quality using cheap ingredients. Some are also dangerous.
Also look out for the popular shakes sold over the counter which are merely low calorie drinks highly sweetened with sugar. I’ve tried those. I lost weight all right but also had flab hanging all over. And ended up with my skin breaking out and my teeth ached from the large amount of sugar used to make these shakes taste good. I was also hungry, tired and irritable.
Program should provide a vitamin and mineral supplement and especially high in B vitamins. These are crucial during weight loss. Vitamin B-6 in particular aids in tranquility, a major issue for anyone who has dieted and removes excess water. It has been determined that for every pound of weight lost, the dieter will gain a pound and a half of water. B6 helps eliminate excess fluids.
Other things to look for. Does the promoter of the product or program offer Free Coaching or counseling?
I have bought many programs from stores as well as other sources and never found this to be, except in one case, the company I am working with now. Typically they will sell you the product and say, “Good luck. You are on your own.” Not with us.
Drink water every day and throughout the day.
Eat real foods.
Exercise. Both cardio and weights. Both will speed weight loss, improve your health and tone you up. If exercise is not right for you, can you at least walk 1 mile per day?
Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly weight loss goals.
If using a “shake” is it merely a protein shake? And is the protein complete? Many shakes use low quality protein sources that are not complete and cannot be used by the body unless taken with a complete protein. Make sure it is a complete protein.
Stay clear of fast food places. These are mostly high calorie, high salt, high fat, low nutrition that will really stall your weight loss and not good for your health. I know, I used to stop there all the time. That is how my weight ballooned to really dangerous levels.
Some of you may be wondering, “How much does a program like this cost?” Excellent question. You may be happy to know that when I first started using the high protein/low carb diet shakes, I saved over $400 a month on medications, fast foods, energy drinks and other supplements that I thought I needed. On average it costs about $2.50 a day. Or about half what you would spend at a fast food place.
Here is more information about high protein/low carb programs unrelated to CTFO.
A popular saying is that nutrition and dieting is 90% opinion and 10% fact. That may be generous. With dieting, the opinion factor may be as high as 99%.
Tony DeFrancisco is a weight control consultant/wellness coach who has worked with over 1,000 clients. He can be contacted at and he has a Facebook page for weight loss:https: …(407) 761-3055

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