How many more Pershing Sq investors redeemed shares this past week? Past month? Pershing Square headed to 0. Gotham Partners II

The lies about China and deliberate fraud by Ackmanaholics confusing illegal pyramid schemes vs legal MLM/NETWORK MARKETING companies has been exposed.

The totally biased and inaccurate reporting of Herbalife’s 2nd qtr earnings by the  Ackman cultists has also been exposed. Herbalife beat earnings and thousands of companies would love to have those numbers. 

Lies that Icahn is going to sell shares has also been exposed as a LIE…again!

Predictions that HLF would have a massive selloff and drop to the 30s were also once again totally false.  HLF has rebounded as it always does.

Meanwhile Ackman continues to make bad investments that go sour. How come everything he touches turns into dog poop?




Betting on Zero officially bombed in June as we predicted. That was Ackman’s last hope

Fake stories on Seeking Alpha have been on the increase and have also bombed badly.

Pro wrestling is almost as fake as the fake stories on seeking alpha

HLF Bulls still in control.

The real question now is how many Pershing Sq investors are still foolishly hanging on to Pershing Sq funds? So many have lost faith in Ackman. In fact, I really think that Pershing Sq investors, how many still remain, should look to have Bill Ackman removed   and replace him with a fund manager who has better judgement. Ackman obviously does not cut it.

Why are so many Pershing Sq investors still redeeming and so few new investors buying in? Lost faith in Bill Ackman.

An old axiom in the the markets is “Never try to catch a falling knife.” No where is this more accurate than with Pershing Sq in which investment returns have fallen sharply over the last 2 years and still dropping.

In fact, it is now more apparent than ever that Ackman is pulling his hair out trying to save Pershing Sq and attempt to prevent it from becoming Gotham Partners II.

Notice how Ackman is now  going back to 15 year returns. Why? Because over 15 years his funds do show a profit. Big problem though. The investments in those early years 10-15 years ago have burned out. The big question all Pershing Sq investors have now is;

What have you done for us recently Ackman?” 

Answer is Lose $$$$$$.

A new motto is:

Lose Money Now – Ask Ackman How!

And how true.

$4 billion + loss on VRX even though he was so bullish for so long and told bis investors he had carefully resarched the company.

$700 +million loss on HLF short Position with losses growing daily.

ADP has done nothing but drop since Ackman got involved.

Then add in JCP, TARGET, BORDERS, yawn………so many losses. Ackman has bad judgement. No, make that terrible judgement.  My 12 year old does better with his proxy account.


Ackman has a horrible investment record.

Perhaps Carl Icahn can step in, pound some sense into Ackman and show him how to  get out of this insane, reckless HLF short play before he loses everything. And if Ackman won’t listen to Icahn, perhaps a freind or relative should in, that is if he has any friends and relatives left.

We also now know that Ackman has sold off a lot of his investments. Most of which he was bragging about not long ago which went sour. If in fact Ackman ever did really have any magic, obviously that magic is now gone.

Most feel that Ackman never had any real magic or great strategies, he was just plain lucky. Like the proverbial blindfolded monkey.  He is no Buffet. My 12 yr old gets better returns in his proxy account.

If you have been a investor in Pershing Sq  and mirroring Ackman’s trades, you have seen double digits losses over the last two years just as I and others  predicted back in 2014. I see Pershing Sq as showing another major loss in 2017.

Those of us who have been in the game even prior to the Ackman-Herbalife saga, know very well about Ackman and his many mistakes. Yes he has had a few hits, perhaps one big hit. But so many misses. I honestly don’t know any other hedge fund manager who has been more wrong more often than Ackman.

A week ago, Ackman was bragging about some “Mystery” investment that he invested in and is excited about.  He wouldn’t say what it is which I believe is a red flag suggesting that this is just a smoke screen to try to slow down the massive redemptions he is getting at Pershing Sq.

However, even if Ackman does  have a investment that has grown by 20%, how much   does that affect his fund overall? It may bring it to a 2%-3% return.  I repeat, Ackman’s fund at Pershing Sq has been down double  digits 2 years in a row. So at best, a 3% return in 2017 if that happens will leave Pershing Sq investors and others who follow Ackman’s reckless trades with a 3 year loss of  about-37%. I don’t know of any other hedge  fund or other manager who has done anywhere near this poorly.

AND……….As Herbalife continues on it’s growth mode,  this will eat into Pershing Sq even more. Not to mention Ackman’s  other investments are not performing very well.

Don’t put too much credence into Ackman’s claim that he has some super investment that has grown by 20%. Ackman has a poker face and talks a lot. There is a reason why he has been called “A modern day version of PT Barnum” It is all show and drama. Look at his track record. Yuck!

Ackman also maintains a bearish attitude towards Herbalife no matter how wrong he always turns out to be.  I am certain that he will maintain a long term short position on HLF even when it takes Pershing Square to 0 and becomes Gotham Partners II.

Pershing Sq had nearly $20 billion in assets a year ago. Now it is down under $10 billion and declining fast. More and more Pershing Sq investors are redeeming daily. And few new investors are buying into this horrible fund and for good reason. It is expensive, has nose bleed fees and commission and has a horrible, absolutely horrible return. Most of all, look who manages it. Not an enviable record. And who wants to pay so much to lose $$$? You don’t need Ackman for this.  In fact, novice investors would do much better to invest on their own and generally massively outperform Ackman. My 12 yr old son does better with his proxy account.

Carl Icahn gave Ackman some good advice months ago……..

Carl Icahn, despite the negative attacks against him from smaller billionaire with a rapidly declining net worth Billy Ackman, tried to give Billy boy some good advice months ago.  He said that Ackman had gotten too emotional over the HLF short play and was trying to win a bet against Herbalife that was impossible He said that Ackman had “lost perspective” and indeed he has. And now obviously Pershing Sq is paying for Ackmans ineptness.

We all know that Ackman was responsible for taking Gotham Partners down. The once hedge fund office is now a dress factory. Ackman takes miscalculated risks and loses way too often.  And he loses B-I-G Hence, so many of his Pershing Sq investors are redeeming shares and washing their hands of Ackman. Who can blame them?

Just a few months ago, Pershing Sq took a huge hit at the expence of Ackmans foolishness and bad investment judgement with a $4 billion+ loss on VRX. And all this time Ackman was telling his sheep to hold on. He had carefully researched this company. The stock would bounce back.  Or so he said. Ackman doubled down by buying more shares as the stock dipped incurring even more losses. Finally selling when $VRX hit $10 for once again a $4 BILLION +LOSS. Ouch! Bad move. Bad judgement.  But it wasn’t his first and won’t be his last.

But does Ackman really know what he is doing in investments? Doesn’t look like it.

Do you remember when VRX used to trade @ $33.51 just a few months ago and Ackman was still so bullish on it? Ackman bought VRX at $270 and rode it all the way down to $10 before finally selling.  Does this sound like good judgement to you?


For more on this wacko, go to this website……….

Today,  Herbalife (HLF) is up again. Make that three days in row. Ackman and his shills are wrong again. I don’t care if they hold on to their reckless short HLF positions. Hey, it’s their money not mine. I bet their phones are ringing from brokers with Margin Calls. 

In other news, TESLA is also up today. Didn’t Seeking Alpha with their FAKE NEWS STORIES  tell us to sell that last week? And what did I say? Hold on right? So once again, irregardless of Herbalife and HLF stock, who is right and who is wrong as usual,  the FAKE NEWS on Seeking Alpha which is why we call it FAKE NEWS!. qtr research needs to move out of Chris Irons bedroom, out of stock market speculation and  Chris Irons needs to move into something else, like maybe mowing grass? Perhaps he can do that without screwing up.


December, 2012 will go down as the worst time in Bill Ackmans life and will indelibly be etched in time as the time when Bill Ackman made the worst mistake of  his life—–Lying about Herbalife.

Every investor/trader shorts stocks from time to time. Nothing wrong with that.  Typically, savvy, sophisticated, educated and successful traders will research the companies and   stocks before shorting them, they will use technical analysis and other tools to determine whether a stock is ripe for shorting. Heretofore, no one has ever shorted a stock that successfully beat earnings 22 quarters in a row,  with a company that was and still is in a huge growth mode and used old, outmoded and debunked crap to create short position and then call it “A illegal PYRAMID SCHEME and their stock is headed to Zero” as Billy boy Ackman did to Herbalife at that now infamous informercial he mislabeled a presentation back in December 2012.

Billy boy Ackman is not what he claims to be. He has been apropiately named “The Worst of Wall Street”  Just ask anyone who follows his trades or anyone of the many who have redeemed shares and walked away from Pershing Sq. because of Ackman’s very bad investment decisions.

ackman the worst of wall street

*FACT-Ackman’s thesis was all wrong and still is. Where is Sean Dineen these days????

*FACT-Pershing Sq was having a bad year in 2012 and Ackman need to work some magic   so squew the numbers. So why not go after Herbalife? So he thought.

*FACT-Ackman did open a huge $1 billion plus short POS on HLF and allegedly bought December, 2012 puts.

*FACT-The Sohn Conference Informercial was conducted just days before options expiration

*FACT-Ackman would not allow anyone from Herbalife to be in attendance at this Sohn Conference Informercial to offer a point/counter point discussion. What was Ackman afraid of? Obviously the truth and he wanted nothing to ruin the big gains he was expecting from those puts and short POS before the end of December to sugar coat prospectuses to lure in more victims into his Pershing Sq fund scheme(Or is that Perishing??)

Ackman sure created an incredible Fairytale with his FAKE NEWS story on Herbalife and he continues with that FAKE NEWS story to this day. Big problem though: Ackman has been taking a licking on this insane, crazy, reckless, winless HLF short bet.

Despite the hype and drama, bringing in his buddies which included 2 AGs and a US senator, numerous appearances on CNBC, conferences and memos, blogs etc. after nearly 5 years Ackman is deeper in the  hole with his HLF short than ever before and barely hanging on by his fingernails


To date Ackman has lost an estimated $7 million on this HLF short bet. To make any profit on this at all, HLF has to drop to $30. To make a huge profit, it has to drop to under $20. After the Sohn Conference Informercial, HLF did drop as low as $24 but rallied back up. And then when Carl Icahn came on the scene, it really rallied and went as high as $84 in January 2014.

Through it all, Ackman has been appearing on CNBC, sending out memos, apearing all over, frantically trying to find someone who will pretend to be a Herbalife “victim” still says “Herbalife is a pyramid scheme and the stock is going to zero” and everytime he says that, HLF goes higher, higher and higher. While HERBALIFE continues to grow constantly adding more and more and more preferred customers and distributors.

Ackman would be better off trying to shovel sand off of a beach. Same result!

Clearly Ackmans fairytale, and that is all it ever was has turned into a nightmare for this failing billionaire. More and more Pershing Sq investors are redeeming shares, fewer new accounts are being opened.  Ackman had no earthly clue what he was doing when he started this nor did he care that he as putting tens of thousands of HLF longs at risk,  4.5 million Herbalife distributors, 8,000 Herbalife employees without a job or a business opportunity that they  worked long and hard at and potentially leaving millions of happy customers all over the world without a product. Why? All because of Greed & Ego.

While Ackman bashes Herbalife, authentic billionaires who truly understand network marketing,  business and want to help people succeed, fully support it. 





I value the word of these wise and very successful people over shyster, scammer Billy Boy Ackman. 

Regarding that short bet, Yeah I know Ackman claimed he was going to donate any profits to charity. C’mon.

Who invests $1 billion to short a stock and then passes it on to charity? This was all smoke and mirrors.  His eyes were bleeding green and he was chopping at the lips thinking of the billions he could make if this scam  against Herbalife really worked.  And he would look like a do goody to the uneducated and uninformed.  He would look like the “good guy” when he reality, he is quite the opposite.

Thank God it didn’t work.

Herbalife posted first quarter earnings on Thursday that were a blowout substantially exceeding analysts expectations and putting to rest the concerns that the FTC determination would seriously impact Herbalife going forward.

AS many of us have been stating for some time, there would be no serious impact. Herbalife has always been focused on retail sales along with recruiting. Sure there were some shysters who did not follow company guidelines and broke FTC rules by front end loading and selling worthless tools like stale leads, web sites and trying to create telemarketing heroes out of people with no previous sales experience and offered very little if any valuable assistance. Once reported, these people were terminated and actually went with other companies.

A walk down memory lane

Interesting is that when these violaters were reported  and terminated by Herbalife, the Ackman shills were all over the old Yahoo message boards as well as other personal blogs, websites stating “Top leaders leaving Herbalife” This started back in December 2012. They never mentioned that these “Top Leaders” were terminated by Herbalife. Surprised? I wasn’t

The same garbage, not surprisingly started to appear in the Seeking Alpha Fake stories.  Back then, there were as many as 5 anti-HLF “stories” appearing daily in SA. I challenged the authors to  retract their comments and indicate that these “top reps” were actually terminated. Of course they never did. It would take away from their drama and lies. Eventually though the truth came out. Especially when Carl Icahn came on the scene in January 2013.

It should be noted that these anti-HLF people (probably one person with a bunch of aliases) were predicting HLF would hit zero by March, 2013. Hello. It is May, 2017. And we are a long way from zero.

They also constantly reiterated Ackman’s insane line and made it their own:

“HLF is going to 0 and I have a strong sell on it.”

Oh really? What qualifies him to set a target price or a rating on it? Answer: Nothing!

Chris Irons aka Birdbrain quoththeraven


The big mouth in all of this tried to make it appear as though he was a big roller. Some big time analyst or celebrity. Using an alias, he even tried to suggest he was Hugh Heffner! LOL!  In fact, by his own admission he later, about 2 years later with help from Herbie admitted he was in fact “just a little guy” Yes indeed but he never revealed just how little. That was a few years ago.  Now he is trying to play the “big roller” role again and wants some people to think he really knows something. Clue: He doesn’t

Of course I am referring to Chris Irons aka quoththeraven.  I know you already knew it.  And as a another walk down memory lane, who was it that revealed his real first name was Chris and was about to reveal his whole name until he did it himself, embarrassed by my letting the cat out of the bag? Of course, I was the one. And keep in mind, prior to all of this, Chris Irons aka quoththeraven tried to convince everyone that he would never, never, never,never, ever release him real name because he was getting so much hate mail and death threats. LOL—–The drama continued. So much bull. But once I let people know that I was about to reveal his real name, the so called “Hate mail” and Deaththreats” were no longer an issue.

Chris Irons challenges John Hempton to a debate. Really Chris????

Almost too funny, I got a memo from someone who still subscribes to Chris Irons aka quoththeravens twitter feed that he wants to challenge John  Hempton, anytime, anywhere. While I can’t speak for John Hempton, I would love to see this happen. Is there any doubt that John Hempton would mop the floor with qtr??? Have you ever read any of quoththeravens (Chris Irons) stuff? He is not a very good communicator. Communication is not his forte at all. And he is never accurate. Hempton is. And Hempton understands investing. Chris Irons does not. He is always so wrong. My $$$$ are on Hempton, that is if Chris Irons actually accepts. But rest easy, he won’t. Just more of the drama.

I also received several messages from people sending me tweets that quoththeraven posted on his quoththeraven twitter page. I’ve been blocked and thankful for that just as I am continually deleting all of quoththeravens fake aliases from my twitter account. Interesting that this guy is so obsessed with following me.

Apparently on Thursday and Friday Irons came out like a raving lunatic. He couldn’t believe the earnings results nor how the street reacted and HLF soared. Was like Ackman’s ill fated “Herbalife death blow” in July 2014 (hahahahahaha) Some deathbow. Ackman looked like the fool he is as did Irons and whatever other followers Ackman has and HLF shorts. They were in shock. No response for about a week. Then Irons tried to spin it as he always does and the market laughed as they always do.

And BTW, 3 years ago Matt Stewart who many people think is just another alias for Chris Irons challenged Lenny Clements to a debate. Lenny accepted. But where was Matt?!!!!!! Lenny is a recognized authority on MLM. Stewart? He has an opinion and an agenda and is always wrong.

Matt also suggested that the Michigan AG and then all AGs across America would “pile on” Herbalife after two of Ackman’s buddies, both AGs initated action.  That died very quickly and no other AGs did anything.

Paper Tiger Matt Stewart aka “The Chicken”

Chris Irons aka quoththeravens reaction to HLF earnings and market on Thursday nite and Friday. 

quoththeraven after amargin call

Getting back to last Thursday, in Chris Irons world, earnings were bad. The sky was falling for Herbalife. Vindication for Ackman. Billy boy was right, yada, yada, yada. Funny the street didn’t see it that way as HLF SOARED in AH trading and continued to run up on Friday.  Chris Irons aka quoththeraven is obviously living in his own fantasy world and no doubt he thinks the rest of the world is oblivious to the truth and we, as he puts it so often, “just don’t get it” LOL!!!!!!!!

Moving on to 2nd quarter earnings

All we heard from the Anti-HLF’ers since HLF’s 4th qtr earnings was that the FTC decision would show up in Q1 earnings. Well we just had them, Herbalife did extremely well and predictably, the new argument from the Herbalife bashers is that it will show up in 2nd qtr earnings. In case these guys missed it, Herbalife had a strong outlook for 2017 and spring is always a good time for Herbalife sales. People want to lose weight for summer beachtime and warm weather season.  Not to mention their diversified product line of wellness, skin care and sports  supplements. Look for 2nd qtr earnings to also exceed.

And of course when Herbalife exceeds earnings in Q2, then the bashers will say wait until Q3, Q4, (yawn)

Some people suggest that there is a final test coming to see which side is  right, Ackman or Herbalife. Look at the last 4 1/2 years and look at 1st qtr earnings for 2017. Look at the reaction from the markets. I think it is obvious which side is right and pardon my grammar, but it ain’t Ackman. It is over for Ackman.

Carl Icahn has tightened his grip on Billy boy. Choking the life out of him. And Icahn is expected to be building on his position.  Good bye Billy.  You’re just a crybaby in the school yard. Always were, always will be.


Then some say that the bulls are winning for now.  For now????  The bulls have been winning this since January 2013!!!!!!!!!!

Some keep bringing out the FTC fine from last June. “That Herbalife paid a $200 million fine in July to end the FTC’s investigation into whether the multi-level marketer of diet shakes was a pyramid scheme, as Ackman had accused.”  Or that is how they say it.

Herbalife DID NOT pay the fine to end the FTCs investigation. FTC does not negotiate with companies that break the law. It was certain Herbalife distributors who broke the law and thus Herbalife ended up paying a fine for their improper actions. As already mentioned above, these distributors were terminated by Herbalife and their actions were never condoned by Herbalife and clearly against Herbalife policy.  And most of that fine went back to Herbalife via fmr Herbalife distributors who returned to the company at the end of qtr 4 and beginning of q1 and used that money to buy more Herbalife products. Where were the co called “Herbalife victims” Only in Ackmans imagination.

In fact, Herbalife agreed to distinguish between distributors who sell the product and preferred members who merely want to use the products. Ackman, who knows little or nothing about network marketing or even how to pick stocks as evidenced by his huge losses on HLF short not to mention VRX recently and JCP, BORDERS, TARGET etc.  scoffed at this idea and still claims that he sees HLF going to zero. But of course he does. His reputation is at stake and he has already lost approximately $700 million on this very reckless and poorly research HLF short play. And by the way, didn’t he also say he was bullish on VRX right up until he pulled the plug and sold it AT A $4 BILLION LOSS??? Ackman’s word is not his bond. His word is meaningless. He will say he is staying with his HLF short POS and then pull the plg and cover seconds later.

Herbalife reported 18,652 new members in North America in the first quarter, that number does not include the preferred members, a contingent that is several times larger than the distributors who actually sell the product to others. (Since Herbalife began separating these two categories in mid-January, 80% of new U.S. recruits signed up as preferred members, the company said.)

Previously, the Herbalife bashers claim was that Herbalife did not have any customers. Now Herbalife is proving they do. And now the Ackmanaholics Herbalife bashers look at this as bad news for Herbalife??????????? I don’t think so. It proves what Herbalife has been saying all along. That there are real customers. And I am certain that is the way the street saw it too based on the huge rally on Thursday AH and on Friday.

The total combined number of new U.S. distributors and preferred members is just slightly below what it was last year: In the first quarter of 2016, Herbalife disclosed 83,276 new North American recruits, of which about 80,200 were in the U.S. This year, the number was 78,900 for the same period, a decline of 1.7%, according to the company.

But, take into consideration the constant attacks by Ackman and his shills. Contrary to what Ackman and his shills say, this has leaked out to the general public and has affected Herbalife to some degree. Mainstreet is very much aware of this and not because of that Ackman informercial mislabeled a documentary.  However, in spite of Ackman’s unsubstantiated remarks, Herbalife still continued to grow massively outpacing other network marketing-MLM companies in North America.

And of course, you have to take into account the current state of the economy and that USA had a presidential election in 2016. These things always create turmoil in the the markets.  ALL told, Herbalife’s numbers were very impressive if not extraordinary.

Even before the quarter ended, there were signs that Ackman and other Herbalife detractors had underestimated the number of consumers amid the company’s distributor ranks. This is nothing new. In 2012, Ackman also underestimated and misjudged when herbalife reps would renew. It was a huge miscalulation.

When the FTC sent settlement checks earlier this year to supposed Herbalife “victims” who had supposedly never made any money as distributors, many of those who are now preferred members received them. Fans of the diet and nutrition products who never intended to resell them, some of those people said they planned to spend the settlement money on more Herbalife shakes and protein bars. Put another way, that FTC fine is being redirected  back to Herbalife and Herbalife did not pay a fine to end the FTC investigation. The FTC does not operate that way. If Herbalife was guilty of any wrong doing, they would have been shut down. They weren’t. Case closed. Except in the minds of Ackman and his nutty follower(s)

Some will remember that Herbalife faced a major challenge back in 1985. Prior to the media attack then, Herbalife’s sales were over $512 million annually and were up to over $90 million a month in January, 1985. After the media attack, Herbalife sales dropped all the way down to only $10 million annually.  This occurred in the 1980s. We all know Herbalife came roaring back. Also, I think that challenge was far more potent that what little weenie Ackman has offered. Herbalife is very resilent and has always proved that they are following the laws. Legal and ethical.

The FTC was yanked into this by Ackman via his buddy Sen. Markey.  What was the result? Ackman lost again and we haven’t heard from Sen. Markey. I wonder if he is still close friends with ACKMAN after this embarrassment???? And how about those two AGs who were such good buddies with Billy boy, where are they? Also been very quiet.

Sen. Markey may be eating ice cream cones, but he has had very little to do with his (former??) good buddy Billy boy Ackman

sen ed markey

As already mentioned, that FTC settlement to so called Herbalife “victims” has brought more former distributors and preferred members back to Herbalife and they are using that money to buy more Herbalife products.  So the settlement is actually being redirected back to Herbalife. Interesting. Or at least much of it.

Also, Herbalife as we all know has their WinBack program in place which has been very successful bringing back more former distributors and preferred members. And of course  Herbalife reps are hard at work building their businesses. I see the button “Lose Weight Now – Ask Me How” everywhere and Herbalife reps inviting people to their nutrition clubs. Speaking of which, I love the nutrition clubs. They are very powerful.

Another thing, spring is always the best time of the year for Herbalife as people are focusing on losing weight for summer and warm weather season. Expect sales to SOAR. And there are ads all over for Herbalife. Not to mention that Herblaife’s product line goes beyond just weight loss to sports supplements, wellness products, skin care and more.  All of these things are positives and I expect Herbalife to have a OUTSTANDING 2nd quarter.

The squeeze on Ackman tightened up considerably last Thursday. Expect to get even tighter.  MOASS is here.


I also enjoy playing with quoththeraven aka Chris Irons, Ackman, his braindead shills and the stupid and ignorant HLF shorts.  Every single time they open their mouths via the internet with outrageus, ridiculous “what ifs”  and “maybes” Doom & Gloom predictions, yet they are always wrong and I am always right. I look forward to doing it again next quarter and watching them be oh sooo wrong yet again. My guess is that Ackman will be gone by then. But this guy will continue. I guess he really needs that $35 an article and a penny per click from the garbage he writes on SA.

Hey Chris, so there is no hard feelings, I have  some friends in Philly who may be able to help you. They are looking for a gardener and someone to mow their lawn. Probably will pay better than writing garbage on Seeking alpha and more ethical than promoting Pump & Dump pennystock junk. Of course, this is assuming you really do live in Philly and are fit enough to    run a lawn mower and do  garndening work.  Do you really live in Philly? Perhaps that is total bull too.

Ackmanaholics and shills are really funny.  No matter  how many times they are wrong, which is everytime, they still maintain they are right and think they can manipulate t he market with their b.s.  It never works! They are like the guy who hits himself on the head with a hammer. He should only have to do that one time to realize, “Ouch, that hurts.”

Image result for image of a man hitting himself on the head with a hammer

Herbalife had great earnings as I and so many other experienced investors indicated long before earnings was announced. I made it obvious that I was long a week before and was expecting great earnings. I increased my POS on HLF, bought calls, sold puts and bought more shares. And do you know how many companies would love to have the numbers that Herbalife produced on Thursday? Do you know how many MLM companies would love to acquire 83,276 new distributors just in North America in 1 yr and without the noise and distraction of that lunatic Ackman???

Clearly, what Herbalife did on Thursday was nothing short of mind boggling.

BTW, here are some of my other holdings. Obviously, I can’t put an image of my account on here.  I know how to invest successfully. Unlike Ackman and Chris Irons. BTW, did you know that even though Chris Irons along with his idol Ackman, makes wise cracks about Herbalife reps, calls them “get rich quick money hungry scam artists” Do you know how he makes his living? He is a PUMPnDUMP pennsystock promoter.

And interesting too, in another tweet that I received made by Chris Irons aka quoththeraven, he indicates he wants the name calling stopped but then proceeds to name call Michael O. Johnson and new Herbalife CEO. Well, well. Those of us who ever read his stuff have come to expect this.  No surprise.

Hey Chris, my friends in Philly really are looking for someone to mow their grass and be their gardener. At least this would allow you to make an honest living, for a change.  And no doubt more $$$ than what you make now. IF you are healthy enough to do it that is.stock-photo-cute-man-mowing-lawn-in-the-backyard-of-his-house-191098076

chart (3)

chartchart (2)

GNC Continues to decline as we predicted months ago. Chris Irons aka Quoththeraven was bullish and foolish on GNC and wrong as usual.

Some people think I jump on Chris Irons aka quoththeraven too much. Quite the opposite, not nearly enough. Why do I do this? Because he is on agenda, pretty much always wrong and if people follow his useless advice, they will get hurt.

Aside from being way off and totally wrong on Herbalife, GNC is another example of Chris Irons “wisdom” he has been very bullish on GNC for a very long time, probably because in his mind he sees it as a threat to Herbalife. Fat chance. Last January Irons proudly announced that he saw GNC as an easy jump to $14. GNC was trading at $10 at that time. Result? GNC sold off as we predicted it would.

But it has gotten much worse for GNC



GNC Holdings, Inc. breached its 50 day moving average in a Bearish Manner : GNC-US : August 23, 2017

We predicted back in May after GNC reported dismal 1st qtr earnings in April that GNC would continue to decline and would miss 2nd qtr earnings as well. Here are GNCs 2nd qtr results.

GNC has been in a perpetual decline since 2013 with no turn around in sight.

GNC Holdings, Inc. Price, Consensus and EPS Surprise | GNC Holdings, Inc. Quote

Same-store sales decreased 0.9% in domestic company-owned stores (including sales) in the second quarter of 2017. In domestic franchise locations, same-store sales declined 1.1%.

And GNC is not alone.  Look at what happened to Vitamin Shoppe:

Report on Vitamin Shoppe latest earnings.

Shares of Vitamin Shoppe Inc. VSI, -0.45% plummeted 28% to a record low in morning trade Wednesday, after the vitamin and specialty supplements retailer reported second-quarter profit and revenue that missed expectations, and provided a downbeat outlook. The stock was on track for its second-biggest-ever one-day decline, behind the 33% plunge on May 10, 2017 in the wake of first-quarter results. The company said before Wednesday’s open that the second-quarter net loss was $156.4 million, or $6.73 a share, after a profit of $10.4 million, of 44 cents a share, in the same period a year ago. Excluding non-recurring items, such as $168.1 million in impairment charges, adjusted earnings per share of 23 cents missed the FactSet consensus of 39 cents. Revenue fell to $304.8 million from $332.7 million, missing the FactSet consensus of $314.7 million, as the same-store sales decline of 8.3% was more than expectations of a 6.1% decline. The company revised its 2017 same-store sales outlook to “negative mid-single digits” from the previous guidance of “negative low- to mid-single digits.” Chief Executive Colin Watts said results were disappointing as the market environment “evolved more quickly than we anticipated particularly in the sports categories.” The stock has tumbled 71% year to date, while the S&P 500 SPX, -0.29% has gained 10%.

The OTC nutritional companies are not doing that well and with my experience in taking supplements, I really wouldn’t recommend taking their products either. Apparently others are picking up on this which is no  doubt why their stocks are slipping.

Takeaway from this?

Don’t listen to the pennystock “pump & dump” promoters who know next to nothing about the stock market, make insane predictions on dead stocks and attack good companies. They are masters of hype. Just listen to a few minutes of their “sales pitch” when they try to hustle you to buy their over priced junk penny stocks.  All hype no substance. Ditto for their stories on Seeking Alpha, blogs etc. Always hyping and always wrong.

Chris Irons/quoththeraven “Quoththeraven research” is just a one man operation and you can see how much quality is in his research (opinions)  He would be better off mowing lawns.



Bill Ackman is also always wrong.


ackman the worst of wall street

Be careful who you are listening to.

Here is the article I wrote several months ago.

It has been about 3 months since the April earnings report for GNC Holdings, Inc. GNC. Shares have lost about 22.8% in that time frame, underperforming the market.

Will the recent negative trend continue leading up to the stock’s next earnings release, or is it due for a breakout? Before we dive into how investors and analysts have reacted as of late, let’s take a quick look at the most recent earnings report in order to get a better handle on the important drivers.

Recent Earnings

GNC Holdings reported first-quarter 2017 adjusted earnings per share (EPS) of $0.37, reflecting a massive 46.4% year-over-year deterioration. However, the quarter’s adjusted EPS surpassed the Zacks Consensus Estimate by 12.1%.

The year-over-year decline was due to underperformance of the U.S. & Canada and manufacturing/wholesale segments.

Including one-time items, the company’s reported earnings were $0.35 per share, down 49.3% year over year.


Revenues during the reported quarter dropped 3.6% year over year to $644.8 million. The figure however outpaced the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $631.4 million.

The decline in revenue can be attributed to lower sales at the U.S. & Canada international and manufacturing/wholesale segments.

Same store sales decreased 3.9% in domestic company-owned stores (including sales) in the first quarter of 2017. In domestic franchise locations, same store sales declined 4.6%.

Segment in Details

GNC Holdings reports its operations under three segments: U.S. & Canada – including company-owned stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada, franchise stores in the U.S. and e-commerce; International – including franchise locations in approximately 50 countries, The Health Store and China operations; and Manufacturing/Wholesale – comprising manufactured product sold to other segments, third-party contract manufacturing and sales to wholesale partners.

During the reported quarter, GNC Holdings’ revenues from the U.S. & Canada segment dropped 3.8% to $552.9 million, primarily because of a decline in same store sales in both company-owned and franchise stores. Domestic franchise revenues however rose 1.6% to $83.1 million, driven by a net increase in the number of franchise stores from 1,082 as of Mar 31, 2016, to 1,164 as on Mar 31, 2017. This was partially offset by the impact of negative retail same stores sales of 4.6% in the reported quarter. Weakness in the food and protein categories as well as significant decrease in e-commerce sales due to better aligning web promotions to the company’s stores, largely affected this segment in the fourth quarter.

Revenues at the international segment increased 7% to $39.4 million. Revenues from international franchisees increased $1.3 million primarily due to an increase in wholesale sales and in retail same store sales of 3.8% in the current quarter (excluding the impact of foreign exchange rate changes relative to the U.S. dollar). Revenues from the China business increased $1.2 million in the current quarter compared with the prior quarter.

However, it should be noted that there is a lot of chaos in China right now especially with nutrition based companies. No reason to believe that GNC will see this growth again in 2017-2018.

Revenues at the manufacturing/wholesale segment (excluding intersegment revenues) decreased 8.6% to $52.5 million. Within this segment, third-party contract manufacturing sales increased 0.9% to $30.7 million, which was partially offset by a 19.3% decline in wholesale sales to $21.8 million and a 2.7% drop in intersegment sales to $61.3 million, primarily due to lower proprietary sales in the U.S. & Canada segment.


Gross profit deteriorated 9.7% in the reported quarter to $212.9 million. Consequently, gross margin contracted 223 basis points (bps) to 33% owing to lower sales and product margins at the company’s business and deleverage of occupancy costs as a result of negative same-store sales.

Selling, general and administrative expenses rose 12.2% to $160.5 million. However, adjusted operating margin deteriorated 231 bps to 32.3% owing to a wider decline in gross profit.

Financial Position

GNC Holdings exited the reported quarter with cash and cash equivalents of $39.8 million, down from $34.4 million at the end of fiscal 2016. Long-term debt was $1.50 billion at the end of the quarter, compared with $1.52 billion at the end of fiscal 2016. In the first quarter, the company used cash of $46.1 million in operating activities, compared with $142.3 million a year ago.

 Further, the company generated free cash flow of $33.4 million in the reported quarter as compared to $132.1 million in the year-ago quarter.

‘One New GNC’ Plan Update

Earlier, management had announced plans to revamp its existing business model, dubbed as the ‘One New GNC”. The company has already started seeing transformational changes during the first quarter 2017. GNC Holdings recorded 9.3% growth in the reported quarter and its management is encouraged by the new loyalty programs under this plan. As of the end of the first quarter of 2017, 5 million consumers joined the myGNC Rewards Program.

However, it should be noted that the street reacted very negatively to these numbers.  The so called  “transformational changes during the first quarter 2017.” resulted in a 22% drop in GNC stock. If these changes were so remarkable, why are investors selling so massively???

How Have Estimates Been Moving Since Then?

Following the release, investors have witnessed a downward trend in fresh estimates. There has been one upward revision for the current quarter compared to three downward. In the past month, the consensus estimate has shifted upward by 7.1% due to these changes.

GNC Holdings, Inc. Price and Consensus


The estimates have been broadly trending downward for the stock (GNC), the magnitude of these revisions does not look promising. Gains will be negligible at best.

GNC has also had a host of complaints filed against them including issues of adding banned substances in their sports supplements. Brick & mortar franchise businesses seem to be in a decline. Thi9s has impacted GNC With GNC, even their online business has dropped.

Also, people want more personalized service. For this they will go to the private health food stores or the direct sales network marketing companies that provide more one on one service, counseling and support. Some companies even have nutrition clubs and meetings where customers can get together and network with their peers.

Many customers have noted no real difference or change in using GNC products. Who wants to pay so much for products that are just ho-hum????

GNC  tried to  capture the weight loss market. They have a shake which is chalky and a fat burner which could be dangerous.  Customers do not seem too elated over the results and are not breaking down the walls reordering or recommending these products.

Finally, there is the cost. Savvy, modern aware consumers now realize that they pay much more for products sold at places like GNC. They are paying for the leasing, employee payroll, advertising, franchise fees etc.  Prices are elevated by as much as 270%. This is not for   superior products, research & development, it is for basic expences of running a franchise business.

While some analysts have at best a neutral or hold position on GNC, we sincerely believe that is overly optimistic and way too bullish.

We do not recommend a buy or hold on GNC at this point.  See if changes really   do impact any progress or if GNC just continues to decline.

BEWARE of people hyping GNC. Last January, a very irresponsible an unreliable source here on twitter, was overly bullish on GNC and at that time suggesting that GNC would pop up from $10.50 to over $14 very quickly. We saw how that worked out. This same person had been hyping VRX as it dropped from $270 all the way down to $10. Caveat emptor!

On the other hand, we advised to sell. Look who was right.

GNC has been in steady decline for quite some time with no signs of turning around anytime soon.

GNC GNC Holdings, Inc. daily Stock Chart

While there was a lot of hype in April ahead of earnings, look how quickly GNC dropped right down again. Classic Pump & Dump.

Matt Stewart (Chicken Little) is back with more lies regarding Herbalife and HLF stock


Seeking Alpha HLF story author on break  inbetween writing FAKE Stories about Herbalife on SA. 


Matt Stewart is just like Herpes, just when you think he is gone, he’s back. Today he wrote another mind numbing and fake story about Herbalife and once again is suggesting that Icahn wants to sell his stake in HLF. How many times have we heard this before? And it was always wrong.

In fact, Matt Stewart has a history of being wrong and writing fake stories. 4 years ago he suggested that Michigan AG would be next to come down on HLF. This was after Ackman’s 2 AG buddies took some brief action. Stewart also suggested that all AGs across America would be piling on HLF. Of course it was not true and never happened. Only Ackman’s friends took action on HLF and even they abandoned shortly thereafter. Even the image he uses on Seeking Alpha is fake. He ripped it off another account.

About the same time, Stewart got into a internet argument with Lenny Clements. Stewart shouted, “I will debate you anytime, anywhere.” Clements accepted. But what happened to Stewart? Chicken Little completely disappeared.

Over the years we have seen many FAKE stories by Stewart with his insane predictions as to what may happen to Herbalife. His headlines read like the headings of the old Batman TV series;

What if.

What will

Will this…

A lot of crap with no substance. So today Matt is back with another FAKE Story on Seeking Alpha.  Pay no heed to Matt. Do a google search on him. For someone who claims to be a well known, successful financial advisor,  he seems to be very unknown and no doubt not very successful

Here are parts of other articles that I have written in the past exposing lies from Matt and others (or is that other aliases???) ackman the worst of wall street


-Here is another update on a prior article that I wrote back in August. Once again, pay close attention to the dates and notice how the vents which I predicted came out exactly correct while the nonsense Ackman and his shills inaccurately predicted was as usual 1000% bullsh’t.

From August 28, 2016……………

Perhaps this article that I wrote several days ago irritated Ackman to the point where he came out Friday morning with more crap about Carl Icahn selling his shares of  Herbalife. Once again, this is a blatant lie by Ackman and a desperate attempt to try to save his HLF short POS which is on life support, barely surviving.  Ackman’s lies did set off a selling spree on Herbalife untill mid Friday afternoon.  


However, Carl Icahn came out with his own response to Ackman’s false statements sending HLF shares soaring in AH trading.

Carl Icahn’s statement:


If this were a game of chess, now would  be the time when you call checkmate on Ackman. Game won by Carl Icahn.  

I saw  the stories earlier today that Icahn was supposedly selling shares of HLF. And I was dumbfounded that the market reacted so negatively to this and started to selloff shares before Benzinga came out with the facts.

How many times does Billy boy Ackman and/or his assigns have to cry wolf before people will realize that this is all b.s.??? Did it not occur to anyone that if in fact Icahn was indeed selling he would have reported it himself?  Do you think he would want a 3rd party to report this if it were true? Of course not.

By the way, this article came out on Sunday regarding Ackman selling shares of stock in his portfolio to offset huge losses this year. And then the fake story of Icahn came out on Wednesday. How convenient! Connect the dots. Easy to see who is responsible.

This is what Benzinga reported several hours after the misinformation that Icahn was selling:

Herbalife Ltd. HLF 3.48% shares spiked higher Wednesday after theBenzinga Pro newswire reported that Carl Icahn is not selling his stake in the company, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Shares of Herbalife were trading down roughly 2 percent Wednesday after rumors surfaced that Carl Icahn may be selling his stake in the company. According to his most recent filing, Icahn is the largest shareholder of the stock with 17 millions shares valued at almost $1 billion

And they continued……


The stock dropped quickly out of the gates this morning on chatter Carl Icahn might be parting with his 17M share stake in the company.

It later bounced as Benzinga reported its sources as saying Icahn isn’t selling, andCharlie Gasparino reported Herbalife (NYSE:HLF) officials as confirming the same thing.

Herbalife’s board one month ago gave Icahn the right to buy up to 34.99% of the company (up from the previous limit of 25%).

Shares nevertheless remain near session lows, down 2.55%.


Also interesting is that even though the FTC clearly and emphatically stated that Herbalife is NOT a pyramid scheme, Ackman and  his lunatic followers continue to say otherwise.

Here is the story, the real story.

I don’t know who started this incredulous rumor about Icahn selling shares, although I think it is obvious who it was,  but want to say thank you. I saw Wednesdays selloff as a buying opportunity and added to my position. No doubt the culprit who started the lie bought puts and make some bucks on that. If I were Michael O. Johnson, I would contact the SEC and suggest an investigation to look for large put purchases on Tuesday or even Monday or earlier. Then procede with legal action. Some people, inexperienced investors lost $$$$ and may have gotten spooked.  This is blatant market manipulation much like what Ackman has been doing and especially what he did back in December 2012.  I’d be willing to  bet that the trail leads right back to Ackman. Who else would perpetrate such and incredible hoax?

I continue to be long on HLF and see HUGE upside potential amid brief ups and downs as we saw yesterday.

Investors who are perceptive enough to see it, get ready for the next big ride UP for Herbalife.

First of all for the real dope on Bill Ackman,

*FTC settlement started with their inquiry over 2 years ago. Changes factored in

* FTC inquiry came solely as a result of Sen Markey. Don’t expect other countries to follow USA. Sen Markey has no juridiction internationally.

*Fidelity sells shares of HLF in June, HLF shares jumped. This is bullish.

Still a lot of melarkey  going on around Herbalife possibly and probably because of Sen. Markey’s involvement in this case. By now everyone knows or should know that Sen. Markey is good buddies with Ackman and took major contributions from Ackman in the past. Markey was allegedly compensated for his efforts to get the FTC to investigate Herbalife.

Some people expect international countries to follow the FTC’s example. Aren’t these people forgetting that Belgium already tried that and ruled in favor of Herbalife? And Sen. Markey has no jurisdiction internationally and Ackman is not likely to find any “friends” to back him in attacking Herbalife internationally especially considering the major win for Herbalife with the recent FTC decision.

Sen Markey good friends with Ackman. It was only through Markey that the ridiculous and senseless FTC investigation was created. Look who else Markey is friends with, a fmr POTUS who was impeached, left the white house n disgrace while stealing over $260,000 of white house belongings with his wife. 

sen ed markey with slick willy

Speaking of Ackman’s “friends” where are those two AGs who briefly attacked Herbalife over 2 years ago? They obviously made the same decision that Connie Chung and 20/20 made and realized that Ackman is a bozo with many self created theories and no real facts.

Something else that the Ackman shills always forget to mention is that Herbalife under went changes over 2 years ago when the FTC investigation started. Herbalife has adapted to the changes, continued to grow and earnings are showing that. Check the earnings since spring of 2014. Ackman shills hope you won’t figure this out.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, Herbalife was viciously attacked way back in 1985 and had to undergo major changes. Herbalife was hit hard and many thought the company would fold. I was one of them. As an outsider at that time, I saw their informercials on USA network, saw all of the buttons and bumper stickers and thought of these guys as a cross between a cult and a money making scheme.

Despite memo’s,  presentations and appearances on TV with attempted bravado and boldness, Ackman is holding on to his reckless HLF short play by his fingernails.


Herbalife was attacked by the FTC, the FDA, AGs across the country. Not a pretty pictures. Their were senate sub committee hearings and Herbalife had to make enormous changes, far more than what they are making now. And what was the result?

The result is what mattered. Herbalife sales dipped to $10 million in 1986 then jumped to $100 million by 1992, then $400 million in 1996. then $1 billion, $3 billion and finally $7.8 billion.

And that was the old Herbalife. The new model is much better. Michael O. Johnson is a much better CEO than Mark Hughes, BUT…..God Bless Markee for starting Herbalife. HLF longs love him as much as the Herbalife reps and customers do.

Michael O. Johnson has taken Herbalife to levels that I am sure even Mark Hughes never would have dreamed of.  

michael o johnson leader

There is still garbage being written on blogs and especially on SA that are not even close to being truthful. Not only are the projections pollyannish, the information is all wrong. As noted above, the rulings of the FTC have already been enacted starting over 2 years ago.  Although the FTC decision was over a month ago, the changes started over 2 1/2 years ago.

Another interesting concern is that Fidelity sold off some of their shares. So what? This was back in June. Checked the charts. HLF SOARED afterwards. Of course the Ackmanaholics want us all to believe that Fidelity just sold and expect major repercussions.

We heard the same nonsense when Soros sold off last year. Did that hurt HLF? Nope.

Regarding the garbage on SA, they only have about 100 active people on the Herbalife thread. One person writes a stupid, one sided story and then creates about 3 dozen aliases and talks to himself. It’s too funny. I don’t know of any real HLF longs or sensible investors who even go over there and read that junk. It is literally junk food for the investors brain.

Despite the phony smile, Ackman has very little to be happy about, especially with his HLF short. 


Happy to see all of the Herbalife buttons, bumper stickers and signs all over as well as flyers and invites to nutrition clubs. I know Ackman and his scatter brained followers will never figure out how Herbalife promotes their clubs without out side signs and traditional advertising, and we are not telling either. Only thing I will say is it works.

Disclosure: I have been long HLF since 2007 and plan on continuing to stay long. There is much upside to this stock. My wife and I have been using Herbalife products since 2011 and seen remarkable results. In 2014, we became a Herbalife members. 

More Proof that Trump is winning. Liberals have become more unhinged than ever. CNN. Morning Joe. DeNiro and more. Left Wing libtards stooping to lower lows

July 4, 2017

On Sunday, President Trump tweeted a mock “Smackdown” of CNBC with a edited video from his staged scenario with WWE owner Vince McMahon a few years ago. Many people posted in on facebook and retweeted it on twitter. Seemed innocent enough and fair play considering the lies that CNN has been saying ad nauseum on Trump for over 2 years.

But now it seems that CNN doesn’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot and they are screaming foul! LOL!!! Too funny. Here is the dope on CNN….

CNN is fighting back after President Donald Trump tweeted a spoof video on Sunday showing him wrestling the network to the ground. On Sunday, network commentators described the video as a form of incitement; on Monday, the network reported that the video raised “questions” about “racism, bigotry, and violence … [and] antisemitism.”

Appearing on The Lead, CNN correspondent Tom Foreman cited the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) — a left-wing organization often critical of the Trump administration — and its finding that the Reddit user who claimed to have created the wrestling video had posted offensive content in the past.

Foreman noted that the White House had not revealed where it found the video, except to say that it was not on Reddit. (This author remembers seeing the video on Twitter before Trump tweeted it.)

The ADL released a statement on Monday, stating that it had studied the posts by the Reddit user in question, HanAssholeSolo (the ADL declined to provide the full name), concluding that he or she “is like many other online bigots who use platforms like Reddit to anonymously share their hateful words and images.”

The ADL continued:

For more than a year, this Reddit user has violated the platform’s terms of service by posting the type of hate against Muslims, African-Americans, Jews and others that has become all too common both online and offline, according to ADL’s analysis, available here. In fact, the individual posted an image collage of CNN journalists and employees labeling them with a Star of David and writing, “Something strange about CNN…can’t quite put my finger on it…” [original link]

“We have been analyzing the online activities of this individual and found a consistent record of racism, anti-Semitism and bigotry for more than a year on Reddit,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO. “This individual traffics in online hatred and at times violent rhetoric, has created an image labeling CNN journalists with Stars of David and has written about stabbing Muslims among other violent rhetoric.

“When those on the fringes of society feel their messaging is getting mainstream attention, that should raise alarms for all Americans across the political spectrum that reject hatred and bigotry,” Greenblatt added. “We must condemn these extremists and keep them on the margins of our society.”

Last November, Greenblatt led the charge to smear former Breitbart News executive chairman Steve Bannon as an antisemite, until he was compelled to back down from the claim, given the complete lack of evidence to support it. Greenblatt was also forced to retract the claim that Breitbart News was “the premier” website for the “alt-right.” (Greenbelt backed down when questioned by Breitbart News, but the statement remains on the ADL’s website.)

The ADL’s analysis makes a convincing case that HanAssholeSolo — whose identity remains a mystery — is a bigot. But neither the ADL nor CNN provides any evidence that President Trump sourced the video from that user, or that he even knew the source, or the source’s posting history.

There is nothing in the wrestling video itself — which is based on a staged fight several years ago between Trump and World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon — that is racist, antisemitic, or otherwise bigoted.


And if you missed it, here is the actual footage Trump showed in his video:



My only complaint, too bad it wasn’t real. CNN, GROW UP!

If it wasn’t so serious, it would be funny. “Morning Joe” used to be a republican and a Trump supporter. Now he is doing things on a very scary level. Even making low quality anti-Trump music videos while relentlessly attacking the POTUS every single day on his low rated and rapidly dropping tv show.


Why is Joe doing this? Two reasons.

  1. The Stephen Colbert affect.  How a low rated, talentless comedian  can get his ratings to surge merely by attacking POTUS Trump with jokes that only a moron would think is funny. Joe is hoping to resurrect his failed morning show doing the same.

2.     Joe is trying very hard to get a job with CNN-The ClintonNewsNetwork.  Fat chance Joe.  Even CNN HAS MORE class than to add Joe.  And that is not a compliment to CNN.


Sean Hannity  does a synopsis of “Morning Joe’s” Rants.  Watch and enjoy.

Morning Joe needs help.  I don’t think he is doing his already failed career any good and in fact only making it worse. Many   years ago, when he was a strong republican, I used to watch his show. It was terrible then and apparently has gotten much worse. Give it up Joe. Perhaps you can find a job with Vince McMahon in the WWE since you seem to enjoy dealing with FAKE NEWS.

OR perhaps there is still hope for ‘Morning Joe’s career. He could be the banjo player if they ever do a remake of the movie Deliverance. That is if gets a lot of practice and like his wife, gets a facelift. I think that kid in the original is way better looking than ‘Morning Joe’ and more talented.


Robert DeNiro

Remember last November 8th on election day when actor Robert DeNiro released his horrible anti-Trump punk speech? Although it  failed badly, it has created more chaos for DeNiro. Apparently the White House has had enough of these celebrities attacking the Prez so now they have revoked DeNiro’s visa and passport and the IRS will be doing an indepth tax audit on the actor.

DeNiro has been detained from going to New Zealand to make a new movie. This has already cost him over $10 million.  When actors want to act like fools, they deserve it.

DeNiro is a great actor. Too bad his political opinions don’t match up to his acting prowess. Bill Cosby is a fine actor too. But would you want your daughter alone with him?????




Johnny Depp

And then we come to Johnny Depp who make the outrageus statement, “When was the last time a actor assassinated a President? Maybe it’s time.”

Welcome to the end of your career Johnny.



These actors  and entertainers need to realize that is we the people who spend our hard earned money to go see them. When they insult us and the people we voted for,  we elect to no longer support them, go to their movies and events.  And while we may like them as entertainers, we do not subscribe to their philosophy, especially when it insults our intelligence.




The Hillary-Russia Collusion

And while the left, spurred on by Hillary have been relentlessly pushing a fake Trump-Russia Collusion, despite that there is not even one iota of evidence, where is the outrage and news coverage of the Hillary-Russia Collusion? In that Hillary gave over 20% of  the US uranium away to the Russians in exchange for a massive $145 donation to the phony Clinton Foundation? You know, that same charitable foundation that keeps 90% of the monies that it recieves for itself and only gives 10% to the intended charity.  Where is CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, NY Times, Washington Post and the rest of the MSM-FAKE NEWS on that one?

As usual, the MSM FAKE NEWS got caught with their pants down on real news.



Perhaps the left focus on Trump with lies and distortion is to deflect from the truth about Hillary.  In the 1990s, Arnold Schwarzennegger made a movie called True Lies. that is what the democrats, left wing libtards, hollywood elitists should call their Anti-Trump attacks. 


Image may contain: 1 person, meme and text


General Publics belief in the media plummets to lowest levels ever!


While many of us have been warning for years not to believe everything you see, read and hear in the MSM NEWS, finally the masses have come out and agree that it is largely and primarily FAKE NEWS.  ALLELUIA!!!!!!!!

Check the latest Rasmussen Poll.


Great Opening statement by Judge  Jeanine



Are the republicans really in bed with the democrats? It sure looks that way. How else can you explain the absolutely impotent and total lack of support from the republican party while our POTUS gets attacked from every  possible angle? When Trump said, “Drain the Swamp” he better be looking within his own party, over both his shoulders and throughout the White House.


The way it used to be Pre-Trump. Democrats/Republicans one and the same. 

Image may contain: 3 people, text

Some republicans are as bad or even worse than the democrats

Democrats showing no remorse at the shooting that took place last week in Virginia on republicans.  This tells me that this is all the more reason to keep democrats and the self serving establishment out of power.

We can all be grateful that this administration is out. BUT…what about their leftovers still in the White House? Drain The Swamp. Get rid of them.

The modern day version of The Three Stooges. Only, not funny and very corrupt. 

Meanwhile Madam  liar-in-chief and poor sport Hillary Clinton was still on her rampage last week comparing herself to Wonder Woman.  In Hillary’s words, she feels a resemblance to Wonder Woman in that WW is a strong woman. IN reality the only real comparison is that both Wonder Woman and Hillary are not real. Especially Hillary. In fiction, WW is a strong woman. In reality, HRC is a very weak person. Remember how she collapsed  last September 11th on the 5th anniversary of Benghazi? 


14222136_1285878854789589_8457179174144757572_n (1)

Does  this look like a strong, healthy woman to you? Wonder Woman? Hardly. 



But Hillary wants to compare herself to this??? And Wonder Woman is good and fights evil. Totally opposite to Hillary. 

Trends International Wonder Woman Shield Wall Poster, 22.375" x 34"


Wonder Woman according to legend, has a golden lasso that forces people to tell the truth. It’s too bad that Woman Woman is fiction. Wouldn’t it be great to use that Golden Lasso on Hillary? Perhaps then finally we can get her to say one truthful thing.



Image result for image of wonder woman with her golden lasso

Meanwhile the New York Times and Time Warner, parent company of CNN are wildly endorsing and supporting the pathetic new version of “Shakepeare in the Park” which has a Donald Trump look alike being attacked and assassinated. Many sponsors pulled away and rightfully so.  Many Americans, including democrats are outraged by this. While others approve and enjoy it. I would not condone this even if it were done to somebody like Hillary who actually might be deserving of this sort of treatment. 

Unbelievable that some people watch this garbage and believe it.  No surprise they are sponsors of garbage like the new “Shakespeare in the Park” and consider that crap “Art”.


As if that was not enough, a few weeks ago we saw this pathetic image of Kathy Griffin holding the image of what is supposed to  be a ISIS like beheading of a decapitated and bloodied head of POTUS Trump.  Can you imagine if someone had done this to Obama while he was POTUS? And by the way, I condemn this no matter who it is done to.

Image result for image of kathy griffin holding the head of trump

So what is spurring all of this disgusting and pathetic nonsense? It is the left wing libtards, the establishment in particular who just can’t handle that they lost power last November. That despite all of their idiotic and unfair tactics, rigging the election, giving HRC debate questions, having Bill C. meet with Loretta Lynch just days before Comey appears in congress.  And Comey drops the ball. He is told to call the Hillary thing a “matter” rather than what it was a “investigation” Does that smell or what??


The new Rasmussen Poll, one of the most accurate in the 2016 Election, just out with a Trump 50% Approval Rating.That’s higher than OBAMA’s numbers!

In other news, fewer and fewer people trust the MSM FAKE NEWS anymore. While they bought into it, lock, stock and barrel at one time, now the term FAKE NEWS has gone mainstream.  It is proven to be true. MSM is all FAKE NEWS.  And people finally realize it.

But Hillary continues to come up with excuses. If only she had the ability to attract that many voters as she has excuses, she may have won.

Get a clue Hillary. The real reason you lost is staring back at you every time you look in the mirror.  It is the same reason you got creamed by a community fund raiser named Obama 9 years ago and the same reason that socialist Bernie Sanders was beating you last year.  Imagine if you had to face a strong field like Trump did. You never would have even been the democrat nominee nor should you have been.

This day can’t come soon enough. With Comey out. A new and competent FBI director in charge. Obama out. Trump in, no reason why this shouldn’t happen and soon too. 



There is a pleasant side to all this.  Let actor James Woods explain……



Actor James Woods said it best, this liberal meltdown over Trump not just winning the election massively last November but still winning the peoples favor and actually coming through on his promises is driving the left wing liberals well past the meltdown stage and it is “sinfully delicious.”  It feels so good.

After the election, we saw and heard about crying, cocoa, support groups, aromatherapy and more.

Hillary supporters could not believe that their hero, their “champion of women” (yeah right) lost. Others couldn’t believe that anyone thought she had a real chance to win.


Had Trump lost, all of America would be vastly disappointed and very concerned about the  future of this country in the hands of a “President Hillary” However, we  would never cry and carry on like the left did back then and still are now. We would have accepted the election results and prepared for 2018 and 2020 while supporting our POTUS no matter how unqualified and corrupt she is..

Then there were were the recounts and the popular vote.

There was supposed collusion with Russia and the Trump campaign. The liberals had their hopes up. Hoping for a miracle.

But then the  facts came out. There are no grounds for impeachment. It was all a big liberal lie. AS USUAL…


Trump’s tax’s. (Still waiting for Hillary to release her transcripts from those secret meetings and speeches not to mention over 30,000 deleted emails) And perhaps explain why hubby Bill C. got his speaking fees doubled and tripled while Hillary approved giving Russia 20% of our Uranium for a $140 million that went to the so called “Clinton Foundation”

You think the Clintons are good people and good for America?  Think again.

The past week, there was talk about impeachment. (LOL) And when that went out the window, how did the liberals act?  Predictably…….


And prior to that, suggestions that Trump leaked top secret information to the Russians (Double LOL)

Firing James Comey. (Like anybody liked that dood.) Good bye and good riddance to the bum.

It is obvious that the left wing libtards have totally lost it. Watching bits of their performances on TV is hysterical. They are foaming at their mouths, Wetting their pants. Absolutely breathless (did they get that from Madonna???) while reporting. “Impeach. Impeachment. It has never been this close before.” Yeah right.

This should have been an omen to everyone……


Janet Reno passed just one day before Trump wins the election in a landslide. I am not trying to make light of some one passing away. It is interesting  though. The timing of this.  Be careful what you say.. The Almighty is always around. He sees and hears everything. So there is no misunderstanding, now as last fall when I first reported this, my sincerest condolences to the friends and family of Janet Reno. Death is never  something you make fun of.

Last October, I posted The Trump Prophecy  amidst attacks from so many sides. Many said I had lost it. Some said I was being sacrilegious. Others said that I had stooped to “new lows”  The fact remains that that video was right  on.  I was merely promoting what I knew was true and right.

Now here is the new Prophecy. Watch and learn……..

Getting back to the impeachment bullcrap, Big problem with that. There are no grounds for impeachment and you turkeys peddling this story already know that.  People peddling this crap are great actors. You guys deserve an academy award. Perhaps Merle Streep can create one for you and along with that,  also provide one of her incredulous, insane speeches that makes  everyone throw up and puke.

Even so called Republican leaders like John McCain care calling this “Like Watergate” (LOL) I never said that democrats have exclusivity to lying idiots.

In the   2008 election, many were wondering why both the Clinton’s were so friendly with and spoke so positively about John McCain. Look at the picture below and decide for  yourself. Do you republicans really think  John McCain is on our side? Better think again.


John McCain may or may not have been a real American hero. That is now questionable. Even if he was, something is terribly wrong with this man now. He appears terribly incompetent. Incoherent or just plain out of control and irresponsible. Perhaps he is still trying to get over his massive loss to Obama in ’08. Or the humiliation he faced by David Letterman when McCain blatantly lied saying “I have to rush to Washington. The economy is cratering. I can’t make your show Dave.” When he really snuck across the street to another show to try to save his presidential bid  . What a guy.

Like Dave Letterman said, “Somebody has been putting something in his metamucil.”


Many people feel that McCain was no more qualified to be POTUS than Hillary was. And Hillary was a total joke. She was not qualified to be POTUS and it showed last November. McCain would not have been any better than Hillary and no doubt, worse than Obama. If you are a republican or an American on any side and think John McCain is a great hero and for what is right in America, think again. Rudy Guiliani was the best candidate in 2008. McCain lied to get nominated. He also pulled some shenanigans to try to defeat George Bush for the republican nomination in 2000. But failed thank God.


George Soros is another one in a huge meltdown. He has spent millions attacking Trump and made a huge investment in shorting the US markets as soon as Trump won. Rumor is that Soros invested over a billion $$$ and then used leverage to raise his investment to nearly $1 trillion. I hope it is true.

Soros supposedly bet $1 trillion????? Big Problem with that, all indexes hit new highs right after Trump won. Soros is losing millions, possibly billions on this reckless short position. Any wonder why he is in a meltdown??? And does anyone feel sorry for him betting AGAINST the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA??? I hope he loses it all and perhaps he will displace Bill Ackman as “the worst of wall street.”george_soros

Donald Trump had the best first 100 days of any POTUS in over 50 years. Those of us who voted for him and who are not subscribers to the MSM FAKE NEWS are thrilled with his accomplishments. The liberals on the other hand, are very upset.  It really bothers them that Trump is truly going to make American Greater than ever before. He is on track. So how do they respond??


Liberals portray their leaders as though they are something that clearly they are not. How would we republicans feel if we had this leading our party? I would change parties pronto!


Rachel Maddow is considered to be one of the top “actors” for the left on MSNBC. Her show was highly rated at one time, but has plummeted bad of late. I think we know why. She always seems to screw up so bad. Even liberals, even blindsided liberals can see through her lies. Last week Maddow (or is it really Mad owl??) appeared on late night tv talk shows now claiming that there was no Russian conspiracy with Trump. This is called lie untill you fall flat on your face and then tell some smidget of the truth to win your audience back.


But poor Rachel is not alone in the left wing libtard meltdown.  She has lots of company.


And that is exactly what AMERICANS did last November, We voted the stupid ones out and will again in 2018 for mid terms and in 2020 yet again as we re-elect Donald J. Trump for a 2nd term and keep the stupid ones out. By stupid, that is not just democrats, but also incompetent and irresponsible republicans as well. Do your jobs or you will be replaced.


Meanwhile the left wing libtards and their assigns continue to use weapons of Mass Distortion  aka FAKE NEWS.


Most notable is CNN with MSNBC right behind and they are others. All FAKE NEWS.


The Peoples Choice Versus the Media’s Choice……………

Fascinating video. Despite the facts, the very undemocratic party, the MSM, hollywood elitiists and many misguided registered democrats were convinced Hillary would win.  It is very obvious that Hillary was never going to win. No way! She wasn’t qualified. She had no message and actually was screaming at her campaign people for NOT creating a message for her!!! HELLO!!!! Hillary has been around for 40 years and has no message? And some people wanted her to be POTUS??? GOD HELP US ALL IF THAT HAD HAPPENED!!

The election may have been over 9 months ago. But the lies and deception continues.  The left wing libtards are still are still in mourning and still in a meltdown over this and still attacking Trump unfairly.

If you never saw this before, worth a watch. I recommend that you watch all of the these videos. It is time consuming and also time well spent. Sure beats the heck out of watching Fake News on CNN, MSNBC etc.

Hollywoods elitists had a hard time accepting that their judgement was so bad, their “selected one” was a bitter failure and they were not as influential as they thought. Despite their rallies and fund raising, American’s  voted for Trump and poor, poor Hillary lost in a landslide loss to the NY billionaire.

One of the most disgusting performances by one of the pro Hillary hollywood elitists was by Ashley Judd.  This is really a shame because Ashley is a very accomplished actress, usually very articulate and typically espouses grace. Not in January 2017! She acted like a high school kid performing poorly in a play and who had taken too much red bull and crack.


Ashley was not the only celebrity to be distraught over the fact that the masses clearly did not agree with her judgement, George Clooney was also in a state of shock. Get over it people. You were wrong.  Your powers of influence were not that great. Admit it and move on. You are a great actor. Not that great at politics. Accept it George.


And then there is Madonna. What a piece of work! Her words could be considered criminal. Imagine the outrage if someone had said this while Obama was POTUS!!! The FAKE NEWS machine, the DNC, the White House would be running 24/7 on this violent and unacceptable behavior. And it is, no matter who is in the white house.


Meryle Streep, perhaps one of the most over rated actresses was so upset that she made a special speech about it. Poor Merle was even more shocked when the audience failed to respond as she had hoped.

images (2)

Streisand is a great entertainer to be sure and she should stick to singing, not picking presidential candidates. Here she clearly sucks.


The liberal media has been relentless in their attacks on POTUS Trump and his adminstration disseminating FAKE NEWS non stop and making their frustration very transparent.


No group of reporters or left wing supporters have ever been more wrong, more often than these clowns.

Chris Matthews practically left out the F-Bomb word on national tv. Chris must be thinking, “How many more lies do I have to make up on Trump to get people to believe my bullsh’t?”


Rachel laments the same thing. “So what I got his tax returns  wrong.  And so many other things too. People are supposed to believe my bullsh’t.” Ent! Not anymore.


And, “This can’t be happening. The more we attack Trump, the stronger he becomes.

Keith Olberman has had his moments of greatness in the past, but that seems to be in the past. Keith gets fired from jobs like we change our underwear. Now we can welcome him to the deranged house of liberals going through a massive meltdown.

images (1)

Talk about massive  disappointments, there is no BIGGER disappointment than with Big Mike. He should exchange that hat for one that says MAGA. At least then he would be for a change on the right and winning side. Mike is now talking about making a movie that will sink Trump. Hey Mike, we didn’t forget how you bragged back in 2004 that you were going to sink President Bush. How did that work out for you? We already know. Obviously, you forgot. Good luck with your next big bomb.


And then there is this clown. How funny is it when left wing liberals begin using low talented comics as references to attack Trump. I think this comic is very funny.  But I would never take anything he says politically serious. Nor should you.  Remember, he also inaccurately predicted a year ago that Trump would no way, no how ever win the presidency. Nuff said about this jerk. The best thing about this guy is that when he comes on, we can turn him off.


Two months before the election, Hillary stated, “You may ask why I am not 50 pts ahead.” No Hillary. Nobody asked that. We wondered why someone under FBI investigation was allowed to run and why someone with your history of misdeeds escaped prison. Then we found out why. Your buddy Comey. We didn’t forget about Whitewater.  Now with a new FBI director coming in, the investigation can be re-opened, a fair investigation can be conducted by a competent and non biased FBI director and the outcome no  doubt will be much different.  I hope you are nervous Hillary. You have every right to be be. And when they look into the fraudulent Clinton Foundation, even worse. Tell us Hillary how you justify taking donations, keeping millions upon millions of dollars for yourself and only giving paltry leavings to the intended charity? We all want to know.


The fix was in for Hillary to win. It was so certain that magazines already had a cover picture ready for publication. Hillary went out and bought a new gown. She was all ready for the big coronation. She thought she had this in the bag.  Even hired a band.  But alas, it was not  to be. Poor, poor Hillary couldn’t even win in an election that was fixed for her to win. The magazine had to replace her picture with the real winner and new POTUS, the peoples choice—President Trump. Ahhhh. What a relief for America.


Hillary had to be thinking, “We tapped his phones. I was given the debate questions. We made up fake polls. MSM Attacked the living sh’t out of Trump. Debate commentators triple teamed him on the debate stage.  We had dead people and illegals vote and fixed the popular vote and I still lost???? WTF???”


Meanwhile, Liberals continue to go through their meltdown.


And they forget Trump’s secret weapon…

The Trump Prophecy — A Prophecy Fulfilled

They can’t hurt him.  This is 2017, not the 1990s. People didn’t see through the media lies in the 1990s and over the last 8 years with Obama. They see them now.  We just don’t trust the media-MSM-FAKE NEWS that is anymore. We want change. We want a real American who will work for America and that person is DONALD J. TRUMP.

cobwcbdweaatysf (1)

Poor Bernie Sanders got the royal shaft from his own party. Bernie should have and would have been the democrat nominee if only the DNC had not interceded and put the fix in for Hillary. But rest easy liberals, Bernie would have fallen to Trump too. One major  difference though. At least Bernie would have earned the right to go against Trump. Hillary did not.

Latest news is that there is now an investigation underway to prove that Bernie was discriminated against. I am not a Bernie fan. Never would have voted for him. Nonetheless this was not fair. Every  vote must count and now we know that the democrat party is nothing even close to being “democratic”


I would be remiss if I left out this crybaby kook.  He may very well be the biggest rotten apple in the barrel. Thank God he is not a republican. I have to wonder if he is really an American. Clearly he has a agenda which is not in the best interests of the American people.


The liberal meltdown. How long will it continue? How long before they blow a fuse? How long before they realize that their nauseating  rhetoric is just not working. Nobody is buying it. If anything, it makes the left wing libtards look even more screwed up than they already are. And they are very screwed up. Hopefully they will extinguish themselves.

The one thing that may be working in the liberals favor is that perhaps it may be slowing our POTUS from doing the work he wants to do. And that means Americans have to wait even longer for change.

American’s have been waiting for years. They are weary and tired of waiting. They yearn for growth in America and they want it now.

Even the left wing libtards with their lies and innuendo have to know the real numbers. That Trump won in a landslide last November. His popularity is increasing. His approval numbers are on the rise. He still packs stadiums.

And oh yes, Hillary won the popular vote    which even Hillary knew before the election started DOES NOT COUNT! All year long, Hillary kept talking about 270 being the magic number to win the Electoral College and the Presidency. Only after she lost in one of the most one sided, lopsided landslides to Donald J. Trump did the Popular Vote become an issue and even then Madam Liar-In-Chief forgets to mention all of the illegal votes, deceased people and other little shenanigans that she pulled to win steal the popular     vote. Once again, keep in mind, THE POPULAR VOTE DOES NOT COUNT. HILLARY KNEW THIS LONG BEFORE THE ELECTION. CASE CLOSED! 

Here is the final electoral college map of the 2016 election. It is very obvious who the masses of AMERICANS really voted for. And these were not illegals or deceased people votes. Real people. Registered Americans. 

Image result

Hey libtards,  do you really want those millions and millions of Americans coming after you? Just asking. They know that you are the problem. Not Trump. They know that they are having financial challenges and want relief.  They want to get rid of Obamacare. Want to see the wall built and so much more.  THEY, we all know that Trump can do it. And they, we all know that the only thing holding him back is you.

Obama was the  food stamp POTUS. He gave people a handout.  Employment numbers under Obama, as with Bill Clinton in the 90s were jaded.  Good jobs were lost and replaced with low paying, non career drive through window fast food jobs.  Most of the new jobs were part time with no benefits. People are oh so tired of this.

Donald Trump is bringing back good, quality jobs.  Look what he has done already.  President Trump is giving Americans who are willing to work for it, a hand up, rather than a hand out.

Think About it.


However, while watching the left wing libtards do their show, be prepared. Be ready.  Knowing that everything you read, see or hear on the MSM FAKE NEWS is just bullsh’t, if you decide to watch, have several rolls of toilet tissue nearby. You’ll need it.


Capt Kirk tells the libtards “precious snowfakes” what he thinks.  Right on Bill.


All modern aware Americans know that the establishment craves power and is weepy, whinny because they have lost that power. President Trump, unlike his predecessor and many other pevious POTUSs cannot be bought. He is for the American people.  We Americans prefer to have someone who is for the American people, not about power and control. Those days are over.

Let me end just as I started with this quote from actor James Woods. Ahhhh Yes. This is sinfully delicious. I just love watching the left wing libtards freak out and go through their meltdown. Please continue. It is very entertaining.  And get ready to say President Trump for at least 8 more years!!!!!!! And by the way, get ready to see America grow as never before in spite of massive interference by the left wing libtards.