Ackman finally throws in the towel as I and so many others predicted.

Where is Chris Irons aka quoththeraven, Matt Stewart (if he really is not just an alias for Chris Irons) and all the other seeking alpha authors who were betting on Ackman and so sure that Herbalife was a pyramid scheme? They or he seem awfully quiet.  Much like they were after Ackman’s “Herbalife Death Blow” (hahahahaha) in 2014 or the terrible bomb of “Betting on Zero” (Ackman’s informercial that died so quickly.


So certain. So sure and so wrong. Just like Ackman.


Ackman assured us again and again that he was holding onto his HLF short bet ’till the ends of the earth’ As far as I know, the end for the earth is not here. The end is over for Ackman though.

Oh yes, I know that he has a put position capped to a maximum of 3% of Pershing Squares assets. Pershing Squares assets have dropped from over $20 billion to under $10 billion. So at best, Ackman has a maximum cap of  $3 million, if he maxes out.  That is a long way from  his original bet of $1 billion. What happened to the Ackman confidence and bravado? Look like chicken little now.

And remember, $3 million is the max. My guess is that his real investment in HLF puts is much less than that.

Still there are a lot of shorts out there. This is exciting for we longs. With Ackman out and earnings past, look for these shorts to begin covering enmasse.  The excitement and drama in shorting HLF is now gone. As they cover, HLF stock will rise. And with Ackman gone, the negative PR that we have experienced for nearly 5 years now will also stop. This will accelerate sales for Herbalife and thus HLF earnings in the future.

Now is the time to begin adding more shares.  Buy on the dip. Don’t get sidetracked by negative and erroneus stories on seeking alpha and other FAKE NEWS outlets pushing doom and gloom for Herbalife and HLF stock. Haven’t we heard enough of this over the last 4 3/4 years? If it had any traction, why didn’t it work?

And what of Ackman? What will he do now? We know that he is trying to get seats on ADP. God  help ADP if he succeeds. He will do to ADP what he did to JCP. So many people lost jobs thanks to Ackman. JCP still hasn’t recovered.

Ackman hyped VRX buying shares @ $270  and then sold @ $10. Brilliant move.

He shorted HLF  @ $35   and covered north of $75. Brilliant move.

He was so wrong with Borders, Target, Chipottle and so many more. He bankrupted Gotham Partners.  He has been wrong more times than he has been right.

He is the worst hedge fund manager. No one has been more wrong more often than Ackman.  He is a self serving, egotistical clown. He has not been called “a modern day PT Barnum” for nothing. He is all show and no go.


ackman the worst of wall street

ADP, I hope you are listening.

HLF longs,   I hope you are listening too. I have been on this since December, 2012. I have never been wrong once.  Ackman and shills? They haven’t been right even once.

Ackman may need to find another line of work. I can suggest something for him…..





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