Still waiting for “Billionaire Bill” Ackman to put up or shut up. And still waiting for Chris Irons aka quoththeraven to start stating facts, not fabrications.

September 7, 2017


Several days ago, several investor friends and I were discussing the Herbalife/Ackman issue. One of the guys asked, “Where did Ackman go wrong?”  I responded immediately, “By going after Herbalife with false information for starters.”

When this whole fiasco started over 4 3/4 years ago, I was on the internet on yahoo and  blogs shooting down the over zealous shorts and Ackmanaholics.  Of course many if not most of the naive fools who believed in Ackman were also busy promoting other business opportunities, some legal, many illegal and were thrilled that Herbalife might be collapsing.

I am sure that were thinking how grand it would be with Herbalife out of the way. That would eliminate one of their major adversaries. Actually, not an adversary or competition for them, since none of them could hold a candle to Herbalife.  And many were other MLMs licking their chops thinking of those 4 million Herbalife reps who would be out of business and looking for another opportunity.

Unfortunately, things did not work out   quite that well for them and certaintly not for Ackman.

Ackman is down $700,000,000 to $800,000,000 on this very reckless bet and that doesn’t even count the additional $100,000,000 + that he spent on lobbying.  He has taken a real beating on this and is still losing.

Aside from losses on the Herbalife bet, actual real dollars, there is the embarrassment that Ackman has suffered from this winless, reckless, insane short play.  The whole world now sees “Billionaire Bill” for what I and so many others knew and saw pre-Herbalife/Ackman saga. They now know that he is a rat fink and nowhere near the great financial genius that he pretends to be.

“Billionaire Bill” Ackman (soon to be a millionaire again) The Worst Of Wall Street

ackman the worst of wall street

Pershing Square investors continue to redeem shares with fewer and fewer new investors buying into the overpriced portfolio that Ackman represents.

Other companies pushing pyramid schemes disquised as MLM shut down

In another interesting issue, at least two companies that were saying “We’re just like Herbalife, only better and newer and will be bigger” turned out to be pyramid schemes and were shut down by the FTC over the last 2 years.  It was hinted that these companies were oh so excited that Ackman was going after Herbalife thinking they could step up and replace Herbalife. Interesting,  2 pyramid companies tried to get a legitimate company shut down while supporting a clown like Ackman. It is almost funny.

Chris Irons aka quoththeraven. Nobody can make a fool out of him. He does a great job all by himself.

Then there is Ackman’s #1 ally and hitman Chris Irons aka quoththeraven from “quoththeraven research” (HAHAHAHA-LOL) When this  first started Irons was all over yahoo message boards, blogs, all over the internet and was writing 3-4 FAKE STORIES a day on Seeking Alpha all with unsubstantiated bullsh’t. Is it any wonder that Ackman lost with a clown like Irons being his spokesperson???

Go back to March of this year. WHO was the only person touting the failed, badly failed documentary “Betting On Zero”??? Of course it was Chris Irons being interviewed on certain low rated and poorly viewed blogs and claiming that this documentary would reveal to the world, not just the investment world,   what Ackman was doing and really expose Herbalife for what people like Ackman and Chris Irons want you to think it is.

As I and so many others stated, the general public was already tuned in to the Herbalife/Ackman saga, they already knew the FTC determination, they knew about Ackman and were about sick of it.

So “Betting On Zero” bombed even worse than Ackman’s “Herbalife DEATH BLOW” (HAHAHAHAHAHA) from 2014.

It is interesting to note, that Ackman with his 8 figure net worth (which has dropped significantly over the last 4 3/4 years) could do no better than Chris Irons to represent him. No wonder Ackman lost and went down so easily.

Chris Irons aka “quoththeraven” reflecting on how badly he failed with his fantasy and fake stories on Seeking Alpha.

images (1)

And of course there is Matt Stewart, if that really is another real person whose stories seem to be a carbon copy of Chris Irons. Many people feel that they are one and the same. No one has been able to prove otherwise.

As Matt Stewart, he claimed that the Michigan AG and all AGs across the country would “pile on” Herbalife. This was back in 2014. FACT: Only 2 AGs went after HLF and they were both friends of Ackman’s.  And even they backed off.  Some of us contacted the Michigan AG and government officials. The response was, “we have no information  and no intention of  going after Herbalife.”  We asked Matt to prove his assertions. He didn’t and couldn’t.

michigan ag symbol2

Perhaps the most ridiculous thing he did as Matt Stewart was complain that he called Stiritz, left a message and never got a return call. HINT: Busy people have no time to return calls to first class scam artists and pretend financial authors.

Matt Stewart waiting for a return phone call from Stiritz. Is he still waiting??


Chicken Matt Stewart challenges Lenny Clements and then backs down!

Lenny Clements who is a well known, legitimate MLM expert  got tired of the lies by Matt Stewart so wrote an opposing and accurate view. Stewart was upset that someone would have the gall to call him out on his bullsh’t and prove that he was wrong. So Stewart  shouted out in Big Caps, “You want to debate me?” (Who else says that??) Clements said “Yes” and Stewart disappeared. Chicken.


I still remember when cocky Bill Ackman came out on CNBC back in December, 2012 arrogantly stating, “Herbalife may have had many people come after them before, but they have never had someone like me (as he was jamming his thumb into his bony chest) come after them!” WOW! So confident! So cocky! What bravado. And now 4  3/4  years later, Ackman has lost his $1 billion bet, lost whatever respect and admiration he may have had at one time. Lost his family via divorce last December. Lost investors and may have lost his mind.

The $4 billion loss that Ackman suffered by foolishly investing in and doubling down on VRX compared is nothing to what he has lost on this very careless and reckless HLF short bet.

I threw out a challenge to Ackman 4 months ago. The challenge still stands. It is either PUT UP or SHUT UP. Here is the challenge…………..


Earlier this week Ackman shouted that he is still bearish on HLF and so convinced that Herbalife is a “pyramid scheme” and cratering that he picked up more short shares.  Unfortunately there is no proof that he shorted anymore at all. Not even with Persh Sq.

And this is so much like PT Ackman. Last February, he told us he was so bullish on VRX and so confident in the ownership, the products, the company and that it was a strong turn around candidate that he was going to buy even more shares. Now we know he doubled down on VRX A COUPLE of times and did buy more shares as VRX was cratering. But this wasn’t the case in February. What happened? After shooting his mouth off, Ackman dumped his whole load of VRX selling everything to the tune of a massive $4 BILLION LOSS!

But hey he said he was bullish and buying more right? Like I and many others have been saying for years. Ackman is a lying fraud. His word is not his bond. He will do the same to HLF shorts. Tell you he is shorting more in the hope that he will convince some suckers to go short and longs to sell and then he will cover and run for the hills.

Simple challenge Billy boy. If you are truly convinced that Herbalife is in as deep of trouble as you try to suggest, then by all means SHORT MORE HLF stock. IN fact bet the house on HLF short play. Bet everything you have. Why not if you think Herbalife is falling apart. But ah, you won’t because Billy boy we know that you really intend to cover a.s.a.p and that Herbalife is NOT in any real trouble. You know that as well no matter what you try to imply.

How about it Billy boy. Put up or shut up.

Even I have to admit, Billy Ackman certaintly deserves the title, “Modern Day Version of PT Barnum.” Nobody in the investment world puts on a better show than PT Ackman. And he is all show and no go.

For the past 2 1/2 years we have been hearing from Ackman what a great investment he made in Valeant. Great company. Strong team. Great leadership. Great products. ENT! What really happened? Stock continued to fall and the more it fell the more PT Ackman continued to hype it and he even doubled down. He bought more. VRX dropped again. And PT Ackman bought more.

Up untill February, Ackman said he was very bullish on VRX as a stock and Valeant as a company. But. In February he exited with little notice and only after still saying he was bullish earlier that day.

By the way, Ackman took a $4 billion loss on that reckless trade that he was so bullish on and kept trying to persuade (sucker) other investors to come into. Now he is trying to sucker other investors to come in to rescue his reckless HLF short play.

That brings us to Herbalife (HLF) we all know that Ackman loudly and proudly proclaimed that he is so certain that Herbalife (HLF) is going to fall, that he shorted more. WOW! What a guy! What bravado!

But doesn’t this sound all too familiar? How many times does Billy boy have to cry wolf before the suckers pick up on it?

Did we forget the 2014 Ackman informercial titled “Herbalife Death Blow” (hahahahahaha) the day that HLF stock rallied 26% even though Billy boy was telling us it is all over?

Personally, as a HLF long, I am thrilled that Ackman is talking about shorting more. All that means is more profits for we longs when he finally has to cover.  And we all know by now that the short interest on HLF is primarily Ackman. 90% or more. So please Billy boy, increase it some more will you?

Ackman is barely hanging on to his extremely reckless HLF short play




Hey Billy Boy Ackman, here is a challenge for you. If you truly believe as you want the naive shorts and Ackman followers to believe that it is all over for Herbalife, that HLF stock is truly going to zero, why not bet more? Why not take all of your liquid cash and put it all on shorting HLF? Really push that short interest up there.

Right now short interest on HLF is lower than it was in 2013. Why not push it to new record highs Billy boy. Only with your money. Use Pershing Squares assets. I mean whatever assets you have left.  We all know that your assets with Persh Sq have dropped by more than 50%. So what do you have to lose? Put it all on.

And don’t stop there, why not mortgage your home, your vacation home, use your own money too. That is whatever you have left since your 9 figure divorce.

Hey Billy boy, fair challenge. If you truly are as sure as you try to pretend to, up the bet. Show some bravado. Then go on CNBC and spread more bullsh’t. Somebody may believe it.

And then  when HLF goes over $100, we all will be laughing hysterically at you.  I promise you that the longer you hold on to your reckless HLF short bet, the more you will lose. VRX will look like petty cash compared to the losses you will incur by staying short on HLF. As I am sure you are aware, when you short a stock the LOSSES ARE UNLIMITED!!!!!!!!

C’mon Billy boy. Bet the house. Show you are a real man. Show us your conviction. And then the market will show you another $4 BILLION+ LOSS for your stupidity.

You know, when I created this handle, I never realized how accurate it would be.  You are the king of scam artists.  And anyone who has followed you pre-Herbalife as I have, know full well that you are no investment genius. In fact, quite the opposite.

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