Matt Stewart (Chicken Little) is back with more lies regarding Herbalife and HLF stock


Seeking Alpha HLF story author on break  inbetween writing FAKE Stories about Herbalife on SA. 


Matt Stewart is just like Herpes, just when you think he is gone, he’s back. Today he wrote another mind numbing and fake story about Herbalife and once again is suggesting that Icahn wants to sell his stake in HLF. How many times have we heard this before? And it was always wrong.

In fact, Matt Stewart has a history of being wrong and writing fake stories. 4 years ago he suggested that Michigan AG would be next to come down on HLF. This was after Ackman’s 2 AG buddies took some brief action. Stewart also suggested that all AGs across America would be piling on HLF. Of course it was not true and never happened. Only Ackman’s friends took action on HLF and even they abandoned shortly thereafter. Even the image he uses on Seeking Alpha is fake. He ripped it off another account.

About the same time, Stewart got into a internet argument with Lenny Clements. Stewart shouted, “I will debate you anytime, anywhere.” Clements accepted. But what happened to Stewart? Chicken Little completely disappeared.

Over the years we have seen many FAKE stories by Stewart with his insane predictions as to what may happen to Herbalife. His headlines read like the headings of the old Batman TV series;

What if.

What will

Will this…

A lot of crap with no substance. So today Matt is back with another FAKE Story on Seeking Alpha.  Pay no heed to Matt. Do a google search on him. For someone who claims to be a well known, successful financial advisor,  he seems to be very unknown and no doubt not very successful

Here are parts of other articles that I have written in the past exposing lies from Matt and others (or is that other aliases???) ackman the worst of wall street


-Here is another update on a prior article that I wrote back in August. Once again, pay close attention to the dates and notice how the vents which I predicted came out exactly correct while the nonsense Ackman and his shills inaccurately predicted was as usual 1000% bullsh’t.

From August 28, 2016……………

Perhaps this article that I wrote several days ago irritated Ackman to the point where he came out Friday morning with more crap about Carl Icahn selling his shares of  Herbalife. Once again, this is a blatant lie by Ackman and a desperate attempt to try to save his HLF short POS which is on life support, barely surviving.  Ackman’s lies did set off a selling spree on Herbalife untill mid Friday afternoon.  


However, Carl Icahn came out with his own response to Ackman’s false statements sending HLF shares soaring in AH trading.

Carl Icahn’s statement:


If this were a game of chess, now would  be the time when you call checkmate on Ackman. Game won by Carl Icahn.  

I saw  the stories earlier today that Icahn was supposedly selling shares of HLF. And I was dumbfounded that the market reacted so negatively to this and started to selloff shares before Benzinga came out with the facts.

How many times does Billy boy Ackman and/or his assigns have to cry wolf before people will realize that this is all b.s.??? Did it not occur to anyone that if in fact Icahn was indeed selling he would have reported it himself?  Do you think he would want a 3rd party to report this if it were true? Of course not.

By the way, this article came out on Sunday regarding Ackman selling shares of stock in his portfolio to offset huge losses this year. And then the fake story of Icahn came out on Wednesday. How convenient! Connect the dots. Easy to see who is responsible.

This is what Benzinga reported several hours after the misinformation that Icahn was selling:

Herbalife Ltd. HLF 3.48% shares spiked higher Wednesday after theBenzinga Pro newswire reported that Carl Icahn is not selling his stake in the company, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Shares of Herbalife were trading down roughly 2 percent Wednesday after rumors surfaced that Carl Icahn may be selling his stake in the company. According to his most recent filing, Icahn is the largest shareholder of the stock with 17 millions shares valued at almost $1 billion

And they continued……


The stock dropped quickly out of the gates this morning on chatter Carl Icahn might be parting with his 17M share stake in the company.

It later bounced as Benzinga reported its sources as saying Icahn isn’t selling, andCharlie Gasparino reported Herbalife (NYSE:HLF) officials as confirming the same thing.

Herbalife’s board one month ago gave Icahn the right to buy up to 34.99% of the company (up from the previous limit of 25%).

Shares nevertheless remain near session lows, down 2.55%.


Also interesting is that even though the FTC clearly and emphatically stated that Herbalife is NOT a pyramid scheme, Ackman and  his lunatic followers continue to say otherwise.

Here is the story, the real story.

I don’t know who started this incredulous rumor about Icahn selling shares, although I think it is obvious who it was,  but want to say thank you. I saw Wednesdays selloff as a buying opportunity and added to my position. No doubt the culprit who started the lie bought puts and make some bucks on that. If I were Michael O. Johnson, I would contact the SEC and suggest an investigation to look for large put purchases on Tuesday or even Monday or earlier. Then procede with legal action. Some people, inexperienced investors lost $$$$ and may have gotten spooked.  This is blatant market manipulation much like what Ackman has been doing and especially what he did back in December 2012.  I’d be willing to  bet that the trail leads right back to Ackman. Who else would perpetrate such and incredible hoax?

I continue to be long on HLF and see HUGE upside potential amid brief ups and downs as we saw yesterday.

Investors who are perceptive enough to see it, get ready for the next big ride UP for Herbalife.

First of all for the real dope on Bill Ackman,

*FTC settlement started with their inquiry over 2 years ago. Changes factored in

* FTC inquiry came solely as a result of Sen Markey. Don’t expect other countries to follow USA. Sen Markey has no juridiction internationally.

*Fidelity sells shares of HLF in June, HLF shares jumped. This is bullish.

Still a lot of melarkey  going on around Herbalife possibly and probably because of Sen. Markey’s involvement in this case. By now everyone knows or should know that Sen. Markey is good buddies with Ackman and took major contributions from Ackman in the past. Markey was allegedly compensated for his efforts to get the FTC to investigate Herbalife.

Some people expect international countries to follow the FTC’s example. Aren’t these people forgetting that Belgium already tried that and ruled in favor of Herbalife? And Sen. Markey has no jurisdiction internationally and Ackman is not likely to find any “friends” to back him in attacking Herbalife internationally especially considering the major win for Herbalife with the recent FTC decision.

Sen Markey good friends with Ackman. It was only through Markey that the ridiculous and senseless FTC investigation was created. Look who else Markey is friends with, a fmr POTUS who was impeached, left the white house n disgrace while stealing over $260,000 of white house belongings with his wife. 

sen ed markey with slick willy

Speaking of Ackman’s “friends” where are those two AGs who briefly attacked Herbalife over 2 years ago? They obviously made the same decision that Connie Chung and 20/20 made and realized that Ackman is a bozo with many self created theories and no real facts.

Something else that the Ackman shills always forget to mention is that Herbalife under went changes over 2 years ago when the FTC investigation started. Herbalife has adapted to the changes, continued to grow and earnings are showing that. Check the earnings since spring of 2014. Ackman shills hope you won’t figure this out.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, Herbalife was viciously attacked way back in 1985 and had to undergo major changes. Herbalife was hit hard and many thought the company would fold. I was one of them. As an outsider at that time, I saw their informercials on USA network, saw all of the buttons and bumper stickers and thought of these guys as a cross between a cult and a money making scheme.

Despite memo’s,  presentations and appearances on TV with attempted bravado and boldness, Ackman is holding on to his reckless HLF short play by his fingernails.


Herbalife was attacked by the FTC, the FDA, AGs across the country. Not a pretty pictures. Their were senate sub committee hearings and Herbalife had to make enormous changes, far more than what they are making now. And what was the result?

The result is what mattered. Herbalife sales dipped to $10 million in 1986 then jumped to $100 million by 1992, then $400 million in 1996. then $1 billion, $3 billion and finally $7.8 billion.

And that was the old Herbalife. The new model is much better. Michael O. Johnson is a much better CEO than Mark Hughes, BUT…..God Bless Markee for starting Herbalife. HLF longs love him as much as the Herbalife reps and customers do.

Michael O. Johnson has taken Herbalife to levels that I am sure even Mark Hughes never would have dreamed of.  

michael o johnson leader

There is still garbage being written on blogs and especially on SA that are not even close to being truthful. Not only are the projections pollyannish, the information is all wrong. As noted above, the rulings of the FTC have already been enacted starting over 2 years ago.  Although the FTC decision was over a month ago, the changes started over 2 1/2 years ago.

Another interesting concern is that Fidelity sold off some of their shares. So what? This was back in June. Checked the charts. HLF SOARED afterwards. Of course the Ackmanaholics want us all to believe that Fidelity just sold and expect major repercussions.

We heard the same nonsense when Soros sold off last year. Did that hurt HLF? Nope.

Regarding the garbage on SA, they only have about 100 active people on the Herbalife thread. One person writes a stupid, one sided story and then creates about 3 dozen aliases and talks to himself. It’s too funny. I don’t know of any real HLF longs or sensible investors who even go over there and read that junk. It is literally junk food for the investors brain.

Despite the phony smile, Ackman has very little to be happy about, especially with his HLF short. 


Happy to see all of the Herbalife buttons, bumper stickers and signs all over as well as flyers and invites to nutrition clubs. I know Ackman and his scatter brained followers will never figure out how Herbalife promotes their clubs without out side signs and traditional advertising, and we are not telling either. Only thing I will say is it works.

Disclosure: I have been long HLF since 2007 and plan on continuing to stay long. There is much upside to this stock. My wife and I have been using Herbalife products since 2011 and seen remarkable results. In 2014, we became a Herbalife members. 


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