Icahn vs Ackman. Is it Batman vs Superman or Superhero vs villian?

A new story on Seeking Alpha, the media that is more fake than Pro Wrestling bills Icahn vs Ackman as Batman Vs Superman. Hardly that at all. Who in their right mind would ever compare Ackman to a Superhero? Only one person comes to mind and his opinion really doesn’t matter.

Pro Wrestling is almost as fake as the stories on seeking alpha. 



Batman VS Superman? One thing we all know for sure is that Ackman is neither. Maybe he could be the Joker. Or the Riddler. Or Lex Luthor.  While Icahn is the “Master of the Universe” with an unparralled investing performance, Ackman’s returns leaves much to be desired. Yes he is a billionaire, so  are many other investors. BUT…How many other investors make collossal mistakes that leads to such huge losses like a $4 billion loss on VRX as Ackman has?  Then throw in a $500 million loss with J.C. Penney then massive losses with TGT, BORDER,  and look at how poorly CMG has been doing since Ackman bought in. And ADP has done nothing but drop  since Ackman announced he in. It’s a fact, everything Ackman touches, turns to dog poop. Except for HLF. That has done nothing but go up since Ackman entered the game, BUT Ackman shorted HLF so once again is on the wrong side of the investment.  He is down reportedly over $700 million on the HLF short POS alone plus another $100 million he spent lobbying.  Those are huge losses even for a billionaire.

Everything Ackman touches turns to dog poop. 




As for Herbalife products, they are priced fairly for the value. It’s all what you get and you get what you pay for. Want cheap products that use cheap ingredients and don’t have anywhere near the nutrient value they claim, buy at your classic OTC store. Want a quality product, with quality ingredients supported by a medical advisory board and scientific research, quality products that delivers on it’s claims. Buy Herbalife.

For example, you can go to a quality italian restaurant and buy quality pizza with quality bread, meats and sauce and pay $6 a slice. Or you can go to one of those places that gives you a whole pie for $5. Is the Italian restaurant over priced? No way. Better quality ingredients and tastes out of this world. The other places that only  charge $5 for a pie? Tastes like cardboard with tomato sauce thrown on top.  Cheap ingredients. Which do you prefer?

It is also very clear that Ackman has lost. In fact Cramer said that over a month ago. How much longer can Ackman stay on life support? That is the real question.

How much longer can Ackman keep his reckless HLF Short POS on life support? Not much longer. MOASS is closer than ever.


Billy Ackman is hanging on to failed HLF play by his fingernails. It is slipping away.



Ackman has lost. It is all over for Ackman. Icahn has won and no surprise.  He is “The Master of the Universe”


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