Bill Ackman once again proves that he is a souless lowlife. Attacks on Joe Biden’s deceased son.

June 30, 2017


First of all, I am not and never have been a fan of fmr VP Joe Biden and the democrat party.  That said, no one is deserving of having wise cracks made during a solemn moment as we saw happen with VP Joe Biden as he was talking about his deceased son and souless low life Bill Ackman made a wise crack.

There are certain times when you never make wise cracks and comments are not funny. One of those times is when someone is speaking of a deceased family member.  And for reporters to suggest that Ackman was trying to bring in some levity  during a very tender moment is pure hogwash.

If anyone ever doubted that Ackman is a inconsiderate, self serving piece of crap, those doubts should be removed now.

Biden made no attempt to   contain his grief:

‘Look, I don’t know who you are, wiseass, but never disrespect the memory of my dead son’, Biden reportedly tells Ackman – Joe Biden

Biden—still reeling from the death of his 46-year-old son, Beau Biden, who lost a battle with brain cancer two years ago—cited his son’s death as the central reason that he didn’t make a run for the White House in 2016.

According to the reports, Biden grew emotional as he explained his decision to a room of high-profile attendees, concluding with, “I’m sorry. I’ve said enough.” At that moment, Ackman reportedly said “Why? That’s never stopped you before.” He was maybe trying to lend a modicum of levity to an otherwise somber situation. But it didn’t go over well.

Biden called Ackman as a “wiseass.” “Look, I don’t know who you are, wiseass, but never disrespect the memory of my dead son,” Biden reportedly told Ackman.

While his paid shills try to paint the fake image of Ackman being “the good guy” like a knight on a white horse uncovering fraud and fighting evil, if the truth be known, the real evil is Ackman.

In reviewing Bidens statement, I don’t know what I like more, that he stood up to and knocked down the cocky, failing hedge fund manager or said, “I don’t know who you are.” We all know that Ackman is a legend in his own mind and likes to think he is more popular than a rock star.

There is never a good time to make jokes when someone is discussing the death of a loved one. I am not surprised that this came from Ackman. He is lower than a snake.

As soon as I saw there were over 100 comments on the internet thread that this was posted on, I knew 75%-90% of the ones supporting Ackman were Chris Irons aka quoththeraven and his aliases making excuses for Ackman and attacking anyone who dared reveal Ackman for what he really is. The Ackman shill even attacked Joe Biden and his son. Get the picture now on quoththeraven aka Chris IRONS and Billy Ackman??? Does this man or his shill have no shame ? I can imagine Chris Irons on judgement day when Ackman is before the Almighty and is handed his punishment. Irons, upset by such stern decisions and banishment to a place that is extremely hot will not doubt get right in God’s face and  say, “God, you just don’t get it!” LOL. That is my attempt at levity.

Seriously, just when you think Ackman and his shill (s) can’t stoop any lower, they reach newer lows.

Fmr VP Joe Biden, I am not a fan of yours, however, I too have lost a child and feel your pain. Perhaps you can rejoice knowing your son is now out of pain and in eternal peace.

Ackman and his supporters, I am certain, will find themselves in a place of eternal pain, which they deserve. For now,   their actions are showing just how low they really are.

In other news on Ackman………………

Even I have to admit, Billy Ackman certaintly deserves the title, “Modern Day Version of PT Barnum.” Nobody in the investment world puts on a better show than PT Ackman. And he is all show and no go.

For the past 2 1/2 years we have been hearing from Ackman what a great investment he made in Valeant. Great company. Strong team. Great leadership. Great products. ENT! What really happened? Stock continued to fall and the more it fell the more PT Ackman continued to hype it and he even doubled down. He bought more. VRX dropped again. And PT Ackman bought more.

Up untill February, Ackman said he was very bullish on VRX as a stock and Valeant as a company. But. In February he exited with little notice and only after still saying he was bullish earlier that day.

By the way, Ackman took a $4 billion loss on that reckless trade that he was so bullish on and kept trying to persuade (sucker) other investors to come into. Now he is trying to sucker other investors to come in to rescue his reckless HLF short play.

That brings us to Herbalife (HLF) we all know that Ackman loudly and proudly proclaimed that he is so certain that Herbalife (HLF) is going to fall, that he shorted more. WOW! What a guy! What bravado!

But doesn’t this sound all too familiar? How many times does Billy boy have to cry wolf before the suckers pick up on it?

Did we forget the 2014 Ackman informercial titled “Herbalife Death Blow” (hahahahahaha) the day that HLF stock rallied 26% even though Billy boy was telling us it is all over?

Personally, as a HLF long, I am thrilled that Ackman is shorting more. All that means is more profits for we longs when he finally has to cover.  And we all know by now that the short interest on HLF is primarily Ackman. 90% or more. So please Billy boy, increase it some more will you?

Ackman is barely hanging on to his extremely reckless HLF short play




Hey Billy Boy Ackman, here is a challenge for you. If you truly believe as you want the naive shorts and Ackman followers to believe that it is all over for Herbalife, that HLF stock is truly going to zero, why not bet more? Why not take all of your liquid cash and put it all on shorting HLF? Really push that short interest up there.

Right now short interest on HLF is lower than it was in 2013. Why not push it to new record highs Billy boy. Only with your money. Use Pershing Squares assets. I mean whatever assets you have left.  We all now that your assets with Persh Sq have dropped by more than 50%. So what do you have to lose? Put it all on.

And don’t stop there, why not mortgage your home, your vacation home, use your own money too. That is whatever you have left since your 9 figure divorce.

Hey Billy boy, fair challenge. If you truly are as sure as you try to pretend to, up the bet. Show some bravado. Then go on CNBC and spread more bullsh’t. Somebody may believe it.

And then  when HLF goes over $100, we all will be laughing hysterically at you.  I promise you that the longer you hold on to your reckless HLF short bet, the more you will lose. VRX will look like petty cash compared to the losses you will incur by staying short on HLF.

C’mon Billy boy. Bet the house. Show you are a real man. Show us your conviction.

You know, when I created this handle, I never realized how accurate it would be.  You are the king of scam artists.  And anyone who has followed you pre-Herbalife as I have, know full well that you are no investment genius.

ackman the worst of wall street

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