Ackman shills stooping to lower lows. More lies and deception. More Fake Stories on Seeking Alpha today.

I have been saying for sometime now that Ackman is ready to break. He will be covering on his reckless HLF short play. He is taking a beating and it is only a matter of time.

The recent unwarranted and unsubstantiated attacks on Herbalife bare this out.  Ackman is so close to going down. Nothing is working for him. So now he has D- level authors writing crap trying to help him out and posting nonsense.

Just this past weekend I had an exchange with one of them, no doubt Chris Irons aka quoththeraven using yet another phony alias trying to make a case for ‘Betting on Zero’ It bombed badly. No doubt about it. Yet he is still trying to hype it. My questions to this guy was and he never answered was, “PROVE IT! Let’s see the gate receipts when it used to be playing in theaters and let’s get some stats on how many people actually saw it.” What do you think his response was? Beep, beep, beep, beep. Nada.

Now today there was another FAKE STORY on Seeking alpha suggesting that Herbalife as a whole was trying to cheat with some new gimmick: “Recent evidence shows HLF is using informal channels to hit previous non-financial disclosures.”

If anything this shows one rep possibly doing this. Not the whole company.  And if true, when Herbalife finds out, this rep will be terminated for sure.

This happened a few years ago. Remember Shawn Dahl, Anthony Powell and others who were doing illegal things? Where are they now? They were either terminated or resigned before being terminated.

I wrote an article several years ago suggesting that Herbalife and the FTC should take action on these guys. They not only violated Herbalife rules as per the Herbalife manual, even more seriously, they violated FTC laws.

But what was the reaction? People slammed me saying, “FTC should not go after Herbalife reps, only Herbalife.” Read that a couple of times and tell me what you get out of it. Nuff said.

Herbalife has proven they have customers.  That is no longer debatable. But the Ackmanaholics continue to regurgitate this nonsense.  Just like they have been regurgitiating  Shane Dineen’s  inaccurate thesis prepared for and pumped by Ackman for the last almost 5 years now.

Also interesting reports on this shameless, worthless piece of garbage fake story on Seeking Alpha today, it is claimed that the ingredients in Herbalife shakes are the same as Slim Fast??? LOL!!!!!! You’ve got to be kidding me!!!!! Like I said in the title, Ackman shills are stooping to new lows and proving they know absolutely nothing.

They also claim that Herbalife shake sells for $59?? Another huge error. But no surprise. These are the same guys who called Diet Soda a “health food”???? LOL!!!!!

So while the Ackmanaholics are going back to being relentless with their lies lies and misconceptions, they forget they tried this in 2013 too and what was the result? HLF stock soared to a 147% gain that year.  Bring it on little boys. But what else would you expect from a pennsystock pump & dumper who makes less than $3.50 an hour and is getting his butt kicked. He would be better off getting a job mowing lawns for the summer. Would make more money and would be an honest living. That would be a first for him



Meanwhile in the real world, Herbalife (HLF) gets an upgrade:

I’ll say it again. It’s over for Ackman. He has lost. He can fight all he wants. He is just like a fish in a bucket of water. Squirming, wiggling and waggling but none the less, the fish is caught. It’s all over. As it is for Ackman.

2017 will be Ackmans worst year ever and his investments flop. And as more and more investors redeem shares. Once $20 billion in assets, now under $10 billion (could be much less)

Speaking of which, many of us really think that the SEC needs to look into Ackman and Pershing Sq. Check out their high entry cost, fees, inflated commissions and back end fees.  Obviously Ackman is NOT making money off of profitable investments, guess where he is making his money? SEC are you tuned in to this???






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