Did you follow Quoththeraven’s (Chris Irons) bad advice and buy GNC last January? ‘little billy ackman’ got it wrong again. Even admits he is trying to manipulate the markets! Creates new aliases. Then he says he wrote his final article for SA and predicts the end of Herbalife. Yada, yada, yada…..

April 10, 2017

“The only way quoththeraven (CHRIS IRONS) could become a bigger idiot would be if he gained another 50 lbs.” See below……….

This is from March 5, 2017-little billy ackman aka quoththeraven aka Chris Irons gets it wrong again.  Those of us who are familiar with quoththeraven’s insane and clueless ravings know the guy is never right.  And he is even so brash, like his hero Ackman that he makes obvious mistakes that should be reviewed by the SEC like coming on the internet and actually admitting he is trying to manipulate the markets, “It’s after hours, I have to go so be quick.” LOL.  He never gets it right. From a few years ago to telling everyone to short NFLX when it was @ $150 only to see it run to $550,   do a 2/1 split and run up again to advising us to sell and short AAPL only because Carl Icahn was long on the stock at that time only to see AAPL run up too and more recently advising to go long on GNC when GNC was trading @ $10.50.- $11.00  quoththeraven in his “wisdom” predicted it was heading to $14 easy. Look at the  recent action on GNC  it is just barely at $7. Had you followed quoththeraven’s insane advice, you would be down over $4/share.

It should be noted that quoththeraven has been hyping GNC for a  very long time and the more he hypes it, the faster it seems to drop. quoththeraven also frequently like to make comparisons of GNC products with Herbalife especially comparing their prices.  Herbalife’s products are priced competitively with GNC. And as you would expect me to say, Herbalife’s products are better. How do I know? I used to buy a lot of stuff from GNC.  So did my wife. We know the difference. As you see below, retail stores like GNC are always the most expensive due to their high overhead. To provide products at a marketable cost they have to cut and guess where they cut? That is right. In quality. So you will have the cheapest ingredients which is  what they do. Scroll down and read more about retail stores and why they cost you more money in the long run.

Some people ask me why I keep on quoththeraven so much if in fact what I say is true. (HINT: It is absolutely all true!!!) That’s easy. The markets do attract new, novice and naive people who hop on the internet and look for news. Sometimes they come across a clown like quoththeraven or his boss Billy Ackman and believe their bullsh’t.

How many lost money shorting HLF? How many lost money buying in JCP due to Ackman. How many lost a ton on VRX? And if you are stupid enough to follow little billy Ackman, chris irons aka quoththeravens advice, you lost a ton there too whether it was stocks or his pump & dump pennystocks. So hopefully I am educating people, the uninformed and preventing them from losing lot’s of $$$$$.

Here is a chart on GNC FROM last Summer showing how poorly GNC has done while litt’l billy ackman chris irons aka quoththeraven keeps hyping it and tells us to buy, buy, buy. He sounds like like Billy Ackman who kept telling eveyrone to buy, buy, buy VRX. How did that work out?

chart (1)

This is a chart from March and February on GNC below:

Birdbrain quoththeraven (real name Chris Irons) writing  some more of his tabloid trash.


GNC Holdings, Inc. (GNC)

NYSE – NYSE Delayed Price. Currency in USD

Add to watchlist

7.72-0.60 (-7.21%)

At close: 4:00PM EST

GNC GNC Holdings, Inc. daily Stock Chart

No doubt the primary reason that quoththeraven has been bullish on GNC is that he sees this retail outlet as the only real opposition to Herbalife.  But as usual, quoththeraven is totally clueless. He doesn’t realize how much the brick & mortar retail establishments are failing and totally ignores the controversy that GNC has been embroiled in with  subject ingredients and products not what they claim. Not to mention GNC and no retail outlet can provide the quality of personalized service that Herbalife can. And as you would probably expect me to say, they cannot match or even come close to the quality of Herbalife products either.

Retail stores products are overpriced by 270% to cover their expences. Prices have to be trimmed to be marketable. How  do they do this? They market lower  quality products with inferior ingredients. I have used retail products from GNC  and other stores. They don’t even come close to Herbalife and they cost you more in the long run. Of course quoththeraven aka little billy ackman doesn’t know this.

quoththeraven has been bullish on GNC all the time while attacking Herbalife and HLF stock. Interesting is that the more that quoththeraven hypes GNC the more it falls.

This is typical of  quoththeravens predictions. Always move opposite to what he says. Not done, quoththeraven was still bullish on GNC when it was @ $11 a month ago. Good call? ENT? Wrong again. He never gets it right. Just like his hero Billy Ackman, little billy ackman quoththeraven is always wrong. And he is great at creating aliases too. Of course    quoth found a platform with “FAKE NEWS” Seeking Alpha a few years ago. Writing there he tried to create a presence and turn himself from a nobody to a super financial expert.  Obviously because no one else would give quoththeraven any spots. Only Seeking Alpha.

Now here is Herbalife’s chart with candlesticks:

HLF Herbalife Ltd. weekly Stock Chart

quoththeraven (little billy ackman) has been begging us to sell for over four and a quarter long years. quotheraven has been Quoting Ackman with ravings like “I have a strong sell on HLF” “I have a target price of 0” Who the heck is he to have ratings or target prices on anything? He is no analyst. He is merely a pennystock PUMPnDUMP promoter and paid Ackman shill. By his own admission in an article   written by Herbie, “He is just a little guy” No kidding. He just leaves out how little he really is.

knucklesheads in bathrobes 4

Intelligent investors very quickly figured him out.  Whereas he used to run 2-3 “FAKE NEWS” anti-Herbalife bashings on Seeking Alpha per day, now they are really 1 a month, if that. He has taken to writing on other stocks using other pen names though.  Same stupid and inaccurate analysis. Same mistakes. Always wrong. Always hype. It is easy to locate him.

quoththeraven used Seeking Alpha as his platform to attack Herbalife. Why Seeking Alpha? Probably because no other media would publish quoththeraven’s trash. Ask sophisticated investors if they read Seeking Alpha and this is t he response you are likely to get:


Is Seeking Alpha more fake than PRO WRESTLING??? It has pretty much been established that the junk on Seeking Alpha correlates with the “FAKE NEWS” that we are hearing about in political circles.  I have been warning about this for years, especially the Herbalife thread. But now it appears as though the entire Seeking Alpha blog is just so much “FAKE NEWS” Even Vince McMahan’s Pro Wrestling circus is more real and believable than what you will read on Seeking Alpha.


quoththeraven trying to create new aliases…………..It is hard to keep up with him. Every week I delete 40-75 of his aliases. The more I delete, the more that pop up. He is very creative. If only he used that creativity for something worthwhile……


~~~~~~~~~~~From 2016……………………………….

ALIAS ROTATION TIME!!! Last week I had Billy Keep trying to debate me. I shut him down in two sentences! Then the next week I get crap from MLMOS, I rebut and he disappears and then it became Scott Henessy aka Tex who apparently got a temporary release from his asylum. So many names. One person. Too funny. And always so wrong.

Over the last two days, the bullsh’t has increased in the media. First there was story about the “new” documentary called “Betting on Zero. New? How many months ago did that come out and die a rapid death? And he calls it “new” (hahahaha)

Then on Friday another announcement came out that Fidelity sold some of their shares. He makes it sound like this is tragic. But, this was in June when  Fidelity sold. Where are HLF shares at right now? How many new investors and MF MGR’s came in since then and especially after Herbalife earnings? Now you know why I call this guy “rookie” He is so green that it is pathetic.

While he is trying to help Ackman, I think he may be Herbalife’s best friend and Ackman’s worst enemy. I hope he continues. He is helping the longs.

UPDATED: 08/07/2016

The infamous Billy Keep dared to debate me a few days ago. First he waited untill he thought I left and then posted some garbage. I came back and rebutted him. Silence for awhile then be attempted bravado and came back and retorted. We went back and forth for afew rounds untill finally I told him that I used to be Admissions Advisor, was good friends with a dean, know how the BOD works with Universities and Colleges, posted two lines and poof. He was gone. Scared him off? And I didn’t even say boo. Lol. So much for quoththeraven and assigns. 

Up untill yesterday, the bullsh’t was flying fast and furious on SA and blogs about how Herbalife would miss earnings. As I noted previously, this has become a boring mantra from the Ackman crowd and they are always wrong and were again yesterday. As usual

Chris Irons aka  quoththeraven aka litt’l billy ackman repeatedly tries to pass himself off as some sort of expert. In the beginning he used to say, “I have a strong sell on Herbalife. With a target price of 0. They need to do a re-audit (this was after a new audit was completed!) This company is a pyramid scheme, etc., etc. etc.”  Who  does he sound like? Yeah, That is why I nicknamed him litt’l billy ackman. He thinks if he repeats bullsh’t it becomes truth. ENT! But the truth is quoththeraven is no expert, has no credentials to be placing target prices or analysis or rating on any stock.  And if yo have followed quoththeraven, then you know he has never been right, even once in the 4+ years that he has been bad mouthing Herbalife and HlF stock. And remember, he told us all to short HLF at $24. If birdbrain follower his own advice, he would have margin calls up the gazoo and would be bankrupt.

To paraphrase this photo, funny how people who think Herblaife is  bad, think Billy Ackman is a good investor. Look at his record. It sucks.


The bullshit is running wild.


Nearly 4 months ago, Birdbrain wrote what he said was his final article on SA about Herbalife and the end of Herbalife was near. Shortly before that he was all hepped up about the apparently Ackman funded movie bomb “Betting on 0” which as most of us predicted bombed terribly. Then he was bragging about a turnaround with Valeant. It turned all right. Dropped even more.  In every case Birdbrain was wrong and in every case, Birdbrain gets all excited because he reads Ackman’s memos and other bullsh’t

Ackman spills his crap and quoththeraven sucks it up.


As I posted earlier today, quite a number of well known established and credible people including the legendary Warren Buffet have applauded network marketing. They understand that network marketing or MLM is the wave of the future. Meanwhile Ackman along with liit’l billy ackman –quoththemeathead continue to make unsubstantiated remarks about Herbalife in particular and network marketing as a whole Who should we believe? I’ll go with Buffet


Most of us always knew that Ackman and is his #1 imitator litt’l billy ackman–quoththeraven, real name Chris Irons have very little credibility. Now what little they may have had is all gone.

Starting to look like 2013 again with all of the senseless, mindnumb stories being disseminated on SA by the Ackmanaholics (Birdbrain quoththeraven and aliases) Of course we all remember that 2013 was a banner year for HLF stock so I hope the bullsh’t stories continue.

A few days ago, a press release  came out stating that the FTC was ready to settle with Herbalife. This caused HLF stock to make a huge increase. Nobody knows who released it. Herbalife and the FTC didn’t initially respond. But, the bottom line is, the FTC will be exonerating Herbalife. It is not a question of IF.It is a question of WHEN. This news really rattled the Ackmanaholics.

The real question remaining is what action will the FTC take against Ackman and Markey once they realize that Markey never really thoroughly interviewed the so called “victims” and pushed this through to help  his buddy Ackman. And what are they going to do to Ackman when they realize Ackman is doing this solely to win a short play? The FTC was NOT designed for that purpose.

So I maintain that the FTC will exonerate Herbalife. And that is forthcoming. Short interest is dropping so apparently I am not alone. There has been bullish sentiment on  HLF stock.

Now regarding Chris Irons aka quoththeraven and about 8,000 aliases…………

It appears as though I really have birdbrain, quoththeraven (real name Chris Irons) aka litt’l billy ackman rattled by my posts. Not only is he back to writing more bullsh’t stories on SA, a number not seen since 2013 when HLF stock SOARED (thank you litt’l billy. HLF longs love you) he is also multiplying aliases faster than ever both on SA and on Twitter. Note the newest ones that have a negative attached with qtr’s handle.  Plus new aliases on SA with more crap stories. Ackman must really know it is close to the end for him sending out this flunkie to do PR for him Who is the bigger dummy? LOL!

Bill Ackman doing what he does best, dropping stinky poop………….


A few weeks ago birdbrain was making a strong case about Herbalife may having to pay a $200 million fine. Of course no mention was made that this fine was due to corrupt now terminated distributors/members who violated Herbalife rules not to mention federal and state laws and were pyramiding. Of course nitwit quoththemorn left this out just like left out that Billyboy Ackman was also being investigated by the SEC for possible market manipulation over two years ago. You know, the article that quoththenitwit used as the basis for his fake story claiming that Soros and Icahn were the only ones being investigated.

In the front, Ackman doing what he does best, dropping stinky poop. Right behind him, quoththeraven doing what he does best, sucking it up no matter how bad it stinks. 


The other thing that birdbrain always neglects to mention is that Herbalife  paid out a whopping $71 million in bonuses at the Mark Hughes awards and generated over $7.8 billion in sales. What is a $200 million fine to a company with this kind of sales? Chicken feed! And of course, never mind that Herbalife is paying a fine created by unscruplous, dishonest now terminated distributors who failed to follow Herbalife’s rules and did this without Herbalife’s knowledge.

I did mention this before so now quoththemoron, the knucklehead in a bathrobe has now escalated the “possible” fine to $1.5 billion. Of course there is no verifiable information to back this up. Just a number that quoththemoron came up with out of the top of his head. If you want to call that a head. I’d be surprised if Herbalife’s fine is even the $200 million previously reported.

So since I  have Chris Iron, quoththeraven, the knucklehead in a bathrobe with 8,000+ aliases and growing fast  bedazzled. why not continue and drive this guy even crazier than he already is.

TO BE CONTINUED……………………………………………………..

CTFO-CBD For Super Health

May 20, 2016-Funny. He said he wrote his last b.s. SA article (story) weeks ago, but many more have followed using his quoththeraven handle others with aliases like yesterday, once again, like his hero Billy Ackman, little billy Ackman –quoththeraven is trying to make it look like he knows something that no one else does. . If Chris Irons (quoththeraven) had any crebibility left, surely it is gone now.

A lot of people wonder why I keep on quoththeraven (real name Chris Irons) inasmuch as he is really a nobody  paper tiger who spiels a lot of garbage. The reason is obvious He continues to attack Herbalife which is close to my heart with pure, unadulterated bullsh’t. And it makes sense that investors new to this game may read his garbage and misinterpret it as meaningful or even, God  forbid, factual. Trust me. Nothing he writes is factual. Plus I…

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